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Spiritual Topic for August-September 2023 - Atlantis & Lemuria

The August and September topics are both fascinating and complicated. In talking about Atlantis, Lemuria, and the pyramids, we are covering a time frame dating so far back that there is little present-day evidence. The information we have is often blended with channeling, past life memories, dreams, interpretations of ancient texts, and even science fiction stories that are based on fact.

Before ‘known’ civilisation began on Earth, ancient traditions speak of mystical lands, mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns, mermaids and other half-man, half-beast creatures, and people with higher levels of consciousness and advanced technologies. Do you believe these were mythical, or did/do they really exist? Plato wrote about Atlantis in two of his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, and Edgar Cayce, a renowned American clairvoyant, received extensive information about Atlantis and Lemuria when doing readings. (1)

Yet modern history teaches that civilisation, defined by National Geographic as “a complex human society that may have certain characteristics of cultural and technological development,” (2) first began on Earth in Mesopotamia (Sumeria, an area now known as Iraq), which as we know from the last topic started suddenly as an advanced civilisation, and later in Egypt between 4000 and 3000 B.C. (3) The History Cooperative places the first civilisation even earlier citing the Australian Aboriginals who appeared around 50,000 B.C. and perhaps as far back as 80,000 years ago. (4)

There have been archeological finds (often in the form of temples and great steps found underwater showing prior civilisations that are now below the sea), sacred texts, and tablets that indicate ‘advanced’ city civilisations started much earlier. Scholars have long been perplexed as to how Sumeria (Sumer) and other advanced civilisations could have emerged so quickly given that, apart from one known habitation, people lived in villages at this time. In last month’s overview, ‘Do We Come from the Stars?’, we touched on this from the aspect of human evolution, suggesting that the evolutionary timeline taught in schools does not allow for sufficient time between the evolution from Homo Ergaster to Homo Sapiens. The same logic applies to civilisations, which are a society of people. As contemplated in the last topic, this raises the question of external assistance or manipulation.

Did God/Source or external factors seed these civilisations, gifting them with advanced knowledge and technologies? Michael Tellinger and others suggest that the Anunnaki provided the technologies to these brand-new civilisations. There is also the possibility that a few people survived the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, and moved to distant shores to set up new civilisations using their advanced knowledge.

Noah was from before Sumerian times, which were 4,000 BC or 6,000 years ago. He lived in an outlying area that had political associations with Lemuria. He was from the end-time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Non-established thinking believes the Ark came to rest on the top 3rd of Mount Arat. Working timescales out is incredibly tricky. We know, through ice cores, that by 10,500 BC the waters had receded significantly. The flood happened between 15,000 and 12,000 BC. Archeology has proven, without question, that sometime between 10,500 BC and 8,000 BC, the mountainsides/hillsides of emerging land mass formations were planted with early versions of wheat and barley. The fact that the hillsides were thus planted is good evidence that the valleys, which would have been more fertile and therefore a better-growing medium, were still under water.

Incidentally, the official line on the creation of wheat and barley is nonsensical; the idea that if you throw away thin stalks of rye grass, over time, you end up with plump kernels which can be ground for bread is a total misconception of reality. There was clearly some form of genetic work to create the wheat and barley we know so well. You cannot go from wild emer to everyday wheat without hybridisation. So, the early, hybridised versions of wheat and barley were ‘gifted’ to surviving groups of humanity at that time. Stone-age people did not make wheat or barley in other parts of the world at this time.

Noah was clearly not the only leader of a surviving group. There were indeed many others, but it is obvious from the religious texts that Noah was a chosen survivor. This might imply the continued support and assistance from more advanced intelligences, which Noah had benefitted from previously, prior to the flood.”—Simon Parkes

Others also believe civilisation on Earth began much earlier than modern history suggests. W. Scott-Elliot, author of The Story of Atlantis, suggests that the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean was once a continent spanning a million years with a civilisation that was far more advanced than ours today. He indicates the last remnants of Atlantis were submerged nearly 10,000 years B.C. (5) Could this be around the time the Giza Pyramids were built? While we don’t know whether there were pyramids during those times, however, many believe that the pyramids were left behind technologies from Atlantis and Lemuria.

Simon Parkes believes that W. Scott-Elliot is substantially correct, however, Simon sees three phases or stages of the history of Atlantis. Phase one being the establishment, which could well be 500,000 years ago. Stage two, the “Golden Age of Atlantis.” Phase three, a gradual decline, both morally and spiritually, which culminated in a cataclysmic end approximately 12,000 BC, the time of the ‘Flood.’ Atlantis’s neighbours, namely Lemuria, being the only equivalently technologically advanced civilization on the surface of the Earth, also suffered this disaster, although its outlying regions were less affected. In both Atlantis and Lemuria’s case, one should perceive a central city of advanced aspect. The further away from the central cities, communities became less advanced, until on the edges of the land claimed by these civilisations, were stone-age villages. Not unlike the priesthood in Egypt, surrounded by copper-age communities. Stone-age people through to Iron-age, Bronze-age, and Copper-age people lived time-line-wise alongside the advanced civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Being less technologically advanced, they were able to move swiftly to higher ground as they were more used to being self-sufficient and not dependent on a city-based existence, so more of the tribal communities survived the cataclysms that ended Atlantis and Lemuria. Many researchers believe Lemuria was a true paradise for millions of years and that the original Garden of Eden resided in Lemuria.

There are differences of opinion regarding the specific location of Atlantis and Lemuria. Some place Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Africa. Others believe that at its height, Atlantis spread far beyond this, extending throughout North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.

Lemuria was said to be located in the Pacific Ocean near present-day Japan. Some believe Lemuria covered an extensive part of the world, extending from Madagascar to Australia and Hawaii, and perhaps even part of Northern California.

Some believe that Lemurian ancestors currently reside in Telos, a city residing deep inside Mother Earth. When the more spiritually advanced inhabitants of Mu/Lemuria recognized that their civilisation was nearing its end, they appealed to the head of Agartha, requesting permission to build a city deep down, inside the core of Mother Earth. After the head of Agartha was convinced that the people of Lemuria had learned their lessons of the impacts of war and hostility, their request was granted, and they built a number of cities, one of which was Telos underneath Mount Shasta in present-day California in the US.

Some scholars believe that remnants of Atlantis can be found at the south pole under Antarctica. They believe that Atlantis was an extra-terrestrial colony that moved under the ice after a pole shift. David Childress, author of Technology of the Gods, says, “It’s totally possible that Antarctica contains an extra-terrestrial home base on Earth. It’s a totally isolated part of the planet. It’s completely uninhabited or was up until’s ideal.” (6)

Many scholars who accept this theory believe the story of Atlantis has been covered up by governments around the world. According to Bill Birnes, author of UFOs and The White House, “Modern whistleblowers still argue that there is more about Antarctica that is being covered up than we think. There are entire bases, entire civilizations, that the world’s governments are working with the aliens.” (7)

Note that there can be confusion caused when mixing the concept of Atlantis with a hidden place on Earth now, where advanced technologies are held by humans working with extra-terrestrials.

The capital city of Atlantis was noted as Azt’tla, which was thought to be located west of Cuba and south of the Bahamas. It has been said that the Atlanteans used crystals to communicate with one another, with beings around the world, and with those in other galaxies. There is the possibility that the group that made up the governing body was able, with the use of these crystals, to transcend into higher dimensions. Some believe that many of these powerful crystals are still in existence today.

Both Becky and Chris have had dreams of being in Atlantis, and we like to contemplate whether we worked together there, too!

Chris has had several dreams about working on crystals in Atlantis. Some of the details are murky, but in all of them, I was surrounded by crystals in all that I did. The crystals I worked on were large pillars, and in one dream, the pillar was so enormous that it extended into the heavens, or so it seemed.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, I received a nudge to visit Arkansas. Arkansas? I had no idea what that was about, but later that night, I dreamed of Atlantis and the crystals again. I had an inkling there was a connection, so I did some research and learned that many believe some of the biggest crystals left behind from Atlantis reside in the United States, deep within Mother Earth, under the state of Arkansas. This inspired a Connecting Consciousness gathering in Arkansas. Coordinators and members from six states joined together for a weekend of bonding and fun, which included a crystal dig and a land ceremony and blessing.

So what happened to these ancient civilisations?

Some scholars believe that Atlantis and Lemuria, the two most evolved civilisations of their time, began fighting with each other over different beliefs about the direction of other less evolved peoples. According to Aurelia Louise Jones of The Lemurian Connection, the Lemurians believed other less evolved cultures should be left alone to continue their own evolution at their own pace according to their understandings and pathway, and the Atlanteans believed the less evolved cultures should be brought under the sway and control of the two more evolved civilizations. Wars followed, and in the end, there were no winners. (8) Others believe that Atlantis fell before Lemuria. Other theories include Lemuria being obliterated by a massive volcanic eruption and that both civilisations were undone by their own greed and corruption.

While countless theories abound, most involve some kind of catastrophic event that ultimately destroyed the land and people in both Atlantis and Lemuria. Many say the end of times event was so shocking and devastating that it left a deep emotional imprint on the souls who were there and that these unconscious memories have been transmitted from generation to generation throughout time and space. This leads to Becky’s dream..

All throughout my life, I’ve had dreams of tsunamis and huge tidal waves. This could be connected with a dream or remembering I had decades ago when going through a significant spiritual awakening. This dream was absolutely vibrant and full of color, sound, touch...full of all of my senses. I was with my young daughter in that lifetime, who must have been around 6 or 7 years old. We were with hundreds of other people like us, and we all knew that our civilisation was about to be destroyed by a huge tidal wave, a massive wall of water.

There was nothing I could do but face it. And so we did. We went down to the beach and stood in a long line, holding hands. I was holding my daughter’s hand and someone else’s on my other side. There were men, women, and children, but more women with their children. We were brave; we just stood facing this massive wall of water and waited for it to come in. I think we may have been singing. We were unified; we were ready!

Then the wall of water came. We immediately stepped into it—we stepped forward to greet it. Everyone was smiling; we all looked happy. The colours were bright and vibrant, and we were looking around at this beautiful underwater place in awe and amazement. And then, it was like we had stepped into a higher dimension that was vibrant and beautiful, and we had a great feeling of peace as well as excitement.

At this point, I was aware that we were no longer holding hands in a line. Everyone was in a slightly different place. I was looking around for my daughter, who I could no longer see. Then I felt a very forceful whooshing sound and a pushing force, and I was immediately transported back into the very physical world where I was swirling around underwater with everyone else. Fear of losing my daughter may have sucked me back into awareness of the tsunami, and ... it was not a pretty sight—it was dark, dirty, and dingy.

I was then transported straight back into the new world (afterlife), where my daughter was waiting for me, and we held hands with great relief.

The topics of the lands and civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria are plentiful, varied, and complex. Perhaps confusion has been added due to the great potential of extra-terrestrial intervention. Different texts and research show evidence that suggests the intervention of one or more advanced, possibly off-world, species interfering with the evolution of our species, not just once but many times in different locations worldwide. These topics are further complicated because we don’t know if we are considering a simple linear human evolution over hundreds of thousands or even millions of years on Earth.

There is also confusion due to past life or even life-between-life recall, where we remember times when we were not in a physical body on 3-D Earth. Nonetheless, there is some archeological evidence of earlier civilisations, including locations that have since been covered by the sea.

It is certainly one area that we would love to have more research done to see what else can be discovered or remembered. One can meditate on these topics and go into our genetic and soul history in order to uncover more of the mysteries of Atlantis and Lemuria. Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe Atlantis and Lemuria were real, or were they mythical lands, and why?

  2. What do you think happened to Atlantis and Lemuria?

  3. Were post-Atlantis and Lemuria civilisations created by ‘gods’/Anunnaki? Or could they have been created from survivors of Atlantis and Lemuria... or/and, were they supported by these external forces?

  4. What are the various reasons why civilisations fall? Have we learned from this? Can we learn from this?

  5. If you believe Atlantis and Lemuria were real, why aren’t they included in our history books? Regardless of what you think about these potential ancient lands, do you think history as we’ve been taught is accurate? To what extend and why?

  6. What do you think was the relationship between Atlantis and Lemuria?


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