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CC Canada December 2021 Newsletter

As we near the end of the 2021 calendar year, it is natural to take inventory on accomplishments and areas of improvement. What went well and what have we learned? How can we look onto 2022 with love and purpose as we continue to navigate what feels like an endless ocean of despair and doubt? In Canada, our spirit and unified strength is tested over and over while we hold and be the light for our friends, family and neighbors. Many of us are strangled by mandates and restrictions and the only source of hope comes from within. Combined, our might and resolve overpowers any obstacle and offers opportunity to rebuild communities and share stories of triumph and overcoming adversity.

We all continue to grow and move through this great time of healing and exploration of the mind, heart and soul. With multiple chances of connection throughout the week, there is something for everyone in CC Canada. From weekly meditation sessions, special interviews, and good old fashioned coffee table discussions, We each have a choice on how we wish to get involved and get active to create positive change in our country and communities. 2022 will see more opportunities to get involved and Shine your Light like never before!

We also saw the addition of the Spiritual Topic of the Month become implemented across the world within Connecting Consciousness. This approach have enriched these experiences and offers everyone in CC a common thread of support and focus as we engage and interact with each other. Above, is our Heart-Centred Zoom Share that we did at the last National Gathering, It does a wonderful job displaying what CC Canada has been about this past year and offers a subtle insight into the soul of each of us continuing to hold and be the light together during this great paradigm shift.

We experienced great growth and change in Connecting Consciousness throughout this year. There have been highs and lows for sure as we co-created and built a community across this country through online video conferences and in person gatherings. All with 1 simple focus: Unity. We continue this theme going into 2022. How can we bolster our foundations as a organization? It will take each and every one of us to contribute to the process of growing CC Canada into the next stages of development. Many of you have already and continue to do so on a regular basis.


Recognition and Appreciation

Being a non-profit humanitarian and spiritual organization still in it's infancy, we can not offer a special holiday party or give everyone bonuses on their paycheck. We can however offer gratitude and humble thanks to those that have helped mold CC Canada to what it is today and will be tomorrow.


We certainly wouldn't be able to do it without our beautiful coordinator team. Hands down, they are the limbs of this body and help create and keep us on track with securing the time and space to connect together in a profound and compassionate way. Many coordinators have offered countless hours and days to holding space, planning and preparing and hosting gatherings online and in person over this past year and we should celebrate the relationships and connections that have been made by offering honest and inclusive opportunities for everyone to listen, learn and love.

Small Group Leaders

These are the front liners of Connecting Consciousness Canada. Period. These folks are organizing and hosting In Person Gatherings during such a great time of suppression in our country. They have opened their homes and hearts to us and offer a time and space that is sacred and safe. The more we grow, the more SGLs we need to spread the love and support through the mountains, rivers and cities that make up the beautiful landscape. We raise the vibration each time we connect as a group so let us continue to make the ripples that become waves of love and light no matter where we are.

Volunteers, Helpers and Donations

There are dozens of members that are not a Coordinator or Small Group Leader but have contributed and offered support where they can. Some provided expertise and professional development strategies, some have become involved in our Quantum Development Alliance (QDA) and others have been working hard to create a supportive and organized space to nurture the humanitarian projects coming from almost 100 hearts of CC Canada members. There are those who have also donated resources and financial support to keep the connection strong and consistent throughout the year. Hosting hundreds of online gatherings on zoom and operating a website does come with monthly expenses and your support goes a long way to secure those lines from being severed. From the bottom of ours hearts to the tips of the stars, thank you and bless all who have given what they could to serve their CC community.

CC Canada

By The Numbers

5,100+ Current Members

4,000+ - New Members since January 2021

19 - Coordinators

27 - Small Group Leaders

500+ Events - Since January 2021

Over 10,000 Website Site Visits

835 - Members on Mighty Networks

1,000+ on Telegram Channel

2021 Donations - $2,424

2021 Expenses - $1,653

Going into 2022 - $771

100% Love & Dedication

As we look to 2022 as a pivotal year for Connecting Consciousness, we prepare for continued growth and expansion. This means having more avenues for participation and collaboration for members to Shine their Light! To introduce this, we have been drafting position descriptions for areas of need and also re-launching our Skills and Volunteers Form. Please keep posted for these updates as we head into 2022 with promise and commitment to make this upcoming year the best we have ever seen!


Coming in 2022

Shine Your Light

Radiant beings of light, the time has come to shine your beautiful and unique light!

Up to this present time, the universe has prepared us for this amazing moment here on earth. We are all here for a special reason.

Let's unite as a soul family and share the light of a thousand suns. Let us shed light and love where there is darkness and fear. Every seed that we plant has a ripple effect on those around us. Let's build a new world with love, compassion, caring, cooperation, collaboration, sharing, integrity and respect.

Do you have a seed that you would like to plant with CC Canada members? Whether it be knowledge, expertise, workshop material, let us plant a wonderful and vibrant garden together and nourish our communities.

Together, united, we are stronger than ever.

Come and join us in shining your wonderful light!


Spiritual Topic of the Month


Thriving Through the Holidays

The holiday season can be a time of joy, celebration, and light. It can also be a time of stress, especially when differences and divisions abound amongst family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Given this, how can we not just survive, but thrive through the holidays? Building on last month’s topic, the secret is remaining in a heart-centered space.

When truths are shared and 3D paradigms crumble more visibly, people who are unaware will go through a myriad of emotions that may include depression, sorrow, grief, disbelief, and/or anger. Instead of becoming triggered, defensive, and responding with an “I-told-you-so,” if we remain in a heart-centered space, we will be positioned to help.

How to help depends on the level of awareness and emotional state of the individual you wish to assist. At times, people need information, data, and a deep conversation about the truth. Other people may only be ready for a seed of truth, that will sow fully when their soul is ready, and yet others may simply need kindness and compassion.

Establishing personal boundaries is important. Consider what you may be willing to overlook and at what point you need to gently stand in your truth in a heart-centered way. Being mindful of your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others will allow you to stay true to yourself while avoiding defensive behaviors.

Remember that you can contribute significantly by going within. When we remain heart-centered and share our love and light with everyone—regardless of our differenceswe raise our vibration. Our raised vibrations contribute to the whole, support our collective evolution, and allow us to be the change we want to see in the world.


International Coordinator's Meeting Review

63 Country Coordinators includes Resolution Moderators

Becky welcomed everyone, and thanked all coordinators for their reports.

Simon’s Q&A

What is coming in from all the reports is that it is not the virus, but it’s the government’s response. It is a very difficult phase. We know that there is a real move afoot to lock down as many countries as possible over the Christmas period. The good guys planning action and bad guys becoming aware of that and how they are doing it. This morning we had a rare chat with Viv the African Continent Coordinator. We were able to share some physical information with her, which I think is very welcome because we had information believe it or not that the United States Marshalls were actually in South Africa working with people and we’ve been sent the copy of what we would call the Emergency Broadcast System which is due to go out to South Africa next week. So, it looks like the first country to receive military action will be South Africa. We can talk fairly openly about it now as clearly the bad guys know. They’ve used the new variant that they’re talking about as an excuse to close all flights in and out of South Africa. That’s nothing to do with the variant, it’s actually to keep people from coming in, but the good guys are not coming in by domestic airplanes. They are coming into Military bases that are not South Africa’s, so they are arriving on Military aircraft landing on foreign airbase which is foreign soil. So that was very exciting to be able to say to Viv that we were sent the copy of the EBS. Although things are pretty awful, there is action that is taking place and we can see that. Simon thinks the good guys are prioritizing countries, so we know they are prioritizing South Africa and then Simon believes that Australia will be the next country that is engaged with.

The European Union, the Strasbourg One World government want to lock every Euro Currency country down. This is nothing to do with the variant, it is to do with that as an excuse to lock people down because they know impending military actions are occurring. The difficultly we have is that at the moment, so much is behind the scenes and it is about to become public.

The information I can share with you, but can’t say it’s 100% going to happen, I can only tell you that what we’ve been told is that President Biden will be forced to stand down around the 15th December. Plan A was literally what we’d all talked about over a year ago where Kamala Harris basically took over from Biden. The plan was to get this view that he had cancer of the bowel, so he went to hospital for scans or tests and they were going to declare to the world that he had cancer and that he had to step down and Kamala Harris would become the new President, but she went to pieces and became hysterical and it was impossible to work with her. So then they had to declare that he (Biden) was fine and everything was ok. Then they go onto Plan B – Apparently (again this is only what I have been told. I have been told by a person that has always been right so far) that the speaker of the house Pelosi was charged with a very serious crime but had something to trade, and apparently what she traded was very helpful information about California. So much so that that information would allow the good guys to de- certify the California election.

California has the most college votes. So, if you take away California then Biden falls below the 270 votes that are required, otherwise they would have needed 2 3 or 4 other states to do it. In order for it to work they have to go to the supreme court and be confident that the supreme court would basically annul that result. If that happened, and California was removed from Biden's tally of victories it can’t just be given to Trump. What they can do, is say the whole election was so flawed that the largest state has to be taken away. Now we are missing a little piece, because they may be looking for very large riots across the earth so they can then say a military takeover. So, Simon has been told that Biden will step down 15th December, if that’s true that means the military would be in charge of the world over Christmas which seems bizarre but that’s a pattern. Then in January a public inauguration for President Trump and the return of Trump. We do know that President Trump had a private inauguration some 2 or 3 days ago. So, what has happened is what we would call a private inauguration, by invitation only, without the public or the cameras being there. Simon asks, why would you want a private inauguration? Reality is there is still a sizable proportion of the military who are very uncomfortable about deposing a government even when that government is illegal. So, some military people wanted comfort is the correct word for it /protection so they could not be prosecuted. They also wanted to feel they were upholding the republic and not working against it. Many were invited to witness the inauguration. Up until that moment going back to march President Trump was accepted as the commander in chief of the Military Forces, then there was a split between Milley who was removed privately and replaced with Marine General Berger. Publicly Milley is still the joint Chiefs but in reality, Marine General Berger is So Trump is now no longer just the Commander In Chief he is also the President. So, Flag officers are more comfortable now because he is the Commander-In-Chief and their Constitutional President. What we don’t know is whether he was sworn in / inaugurated in the same fashion or whether they have gone back to the true constitution and the true republic and made him the 19th President. Simon does not know this but he does know he has had a private inauguration which means the military are far happier in getting on and doing what they’ve got to do. Simon understands in January there will be a public inauguration. But it does mean going through the Christmas period with a military control. From our perspective that is not difficult at all, in fact we welcomed it, because at least our members and the general public can actually see something is happening. The dates could change but at least we know things are happening because we know; in South Africa we have that.

In terms of Britain, what was interesting, was a very clear statement that there would be no mandatory forcing of inoculations. It was brought about because of the violence that took place in some European countries. There was some very interesting demonstrations which seemed to have an effect on some countries. That’s why it will be very interesting when Strasburg, the Haag and other nefarious places try to force every European Country into a lockdown when some of those countries are neighbouring where these demonstrations have taken place and they are thinking I don’t really want that as we could lose control of our civil population. The white hats actually welcome this because they feel that if Europe is systematically locked down again there will be absolute insurrection which will give them good reason to do a worldwide military roll out. So we’ve got clear indicators that the good guys are absolutely doing something and we also have clear indicators that the bad guys are aware of it and are obviously taking their position. So, if we have some demonstrations that become heavy over Christmas it is par for the course. In terms of where we are as an organization, we are part of a network that is going to be supported and Michael Tellinger’s one small town will also be funded in the same way as we are, possibly in January / February.


Won’t happen until the world is put right Who in their right mind is going to put huge amounts of money around the planet for good projects if you’ve got Biden still in office? Why would Trump be happy for good things to occur and Biden takes the credit. So, it makes perfect sense to remove Biden's Administration and go in, clear up some levels of government then release the money so the projects like CC can do the good work, working with others and then President Trump can take the credit. Simon thinks we are on the verge of seeing Military action and public figures steeping down, no longer hiding behind closed doors but actually occurring quite much “in your face.” So perhaps we have reached the turning point. Perhaps exciting and easy for us to point to things really happening.


Coordinator’s Questions

Eddie from England

Q- Difference between Inauguration March 2021 and this latest one?

A - It was not an Inauguration in March it was that a vote was taken in the Pentagon amongst the Flag Officers whether they will accept President as their Commander-In-Chief and ¾ said they would and a ¼ said they wouldn’t so they had to go with the majority. Commander-In-Chief not their President. What we have had now is an inauguration privately which means he is now their President probably a Constitutional President as the US corporation is now defunct. You can’t be President of a bankrupt company and their Commander-In-Chief. The March one was purely Military, the latest one was attended by a lot of Civic dignitaries

Caroline Netherlands

Q- Anything about the Netherlands? – Demonstrations in Rotterdam. Police were shooting, 1 man killed, another in hospital. Also going into lockdown 28th November

A – Sometimes what is presented on the News is “very clever”. Often people die and it is reported but the circumstances of their death are not quite how it was shown and the reason for their death is not quite what it was shown. I give the example in America where, when a black hat is killed but he is presented by the media as being a good guy then the stars and stripes flag is presented differently over an American coffin. If the flag has a fold or crease running through it is a Black Hat death. That is how the intelligence networks tell each other whether it is a good guy or bad guy. When a White Hat dies the flag is pulled tight and has no creases.

So often something is shown to the public as a military operation and such and such died but when you look at the flag on the coffin you realize the truth. In relation to Rotterdam; it is quite important because there are a number of people killed who are being shown to have been in the demonstration. When the Nashville explosion occurred the person had already been killed and was placed in the truck and it was assumed that they died in the explosion, but they were dead some hours before. A number of countries now have individuals from the US with them working with grass roots organizations I expect a lot more demonstrations in Rotterdam. It is great that Rotterdam have had those demonstrations. BBC covered it and other countries take the lead from the BBC, so what better way to turn Europe upside down than to stick lots of lockdowns and watch the public demonstrate, so I see this a good thing.

Bruce – Africa

Q- When do you think the RV will take place?

A- Not an easy question to answer The RV was always about Iraq re-evaluating its money to a more balanced currency exchange with the rest of the world. That was what we call the king pin / big one and with it 20 odd other countries were going to re-evaluate or re balance their currency. Over the last 20 odd years people have been invited to participate. Remember CC has been invited, Simon did not go to anyone and ask to be involved they came to us and said “we want you” and that’s important because if you are not invited then you are not approved. Approved people have contract rates so they have foreign currency and they have signed a Military NDA and they, when the time comes with the RV launch will get contract rates which will be very preferential to them. However there is a ton of people out there that the Americans call the internet group and we in Britain might we call the general public who have also gone and invested over the last 5 years into Iraqi Dina with the view that they would go to one of these redemption centres and they would exchange up and become millionaires overnight. The problem here is that none of those people in the internet group or the general public have got an NDA which means that technically they could go to the bank sign an NDA with the bank which would be a civilian NDA not a Military NDA and then go out and do completely the opposite thing. The good guys have absolutely no intention of people with large amounts of money making even more amounts of money because they are not part of the control group or part of the group that signed the NDA. You will be very relieved to remember that I have signed an NDA. One of the first things I was asked to do was to sign the NDA before Connecting Consciousness was going to be funded. What I’m saying is the RV can be launched without the public knowing to start with. If the RV launches publicly everybody is going to say what is the rate so if it is 1 on 1 there is going to be an absolute mass of people trying to become millionaires overnight and that is not going to happen.

I think what we’ve seen is a partial RV launched trading behind the scenes shall we say, then the rate will perhaps be slightly more than what the public paid for it, those that refuse will end up with worthless paper. Simons gut feeling is that after a few days of this exchange rate they will just change all the bank notes overnight, so anybody holding the old currency it will be valueless and won’t be able to do anything with it. Simon expects the RV in January and not while Biden is in. Why would you do an RV for Biden to take all the credit? Politicians and law makers just don’t do that. You will only get the RV when Biden is gone, when there has been some rectification of the stock exchange, (rectification purposefully used not “a crash”) a removal of certain individuals from office whether a corporation or a government when that is done and Trump comes back. So RV January that’s my gut feeling.

Arturo – Bolivia

Q- MSM should we expect more change of different behaviour and different narrative from now


A – It will be a gradual change over weeks, we will see the media, let’s say “turn” on their previous paymasters. The question is, will the media completely fold in which case you don’t need to take them off air, or will they still resist and need to be taken off air.

When we get the EBS and MSM being dealt with, that’s purely for public consumption. All the covert operations are now hurting the bad guys, the exposure is just for the public to understand what has been happening and that will only happen when all the undercover work has been undertaken. So in the coming weeks of December, we will see the MSM turning against the Cabal and the narrative. Not uniformly, then at 1 minute to midnight we will know if the MSM have capitulated or not. If they are on air they have capitulated. The answer is yes it will happen but slowly possibly over the next 4 weeks.

Johanna – Austria

Q- Is there anything you can say about the General situation in Austria. Some members are asking if they need to flee the country because they are in a lot of fear?

A – Where the hell would you go to? You would have to go to a country that doesn’t pay any regard to the cabal. We are finding, and this is official statistics, that the countries with the highest vaccination rate are the ones imposing the greatest lockdowns and the countries with the lowest vaccination rates and the lowest incidents of the new variant or the old variant or whatever you want to call it, they’re not locking everything down, which shows it’s all a very big political move. I’d say no, people have got to stay where they are simply because why would you let somebody push you out of your home? The military activity in Austria was simply because it’s the adopted home for the New World Order, simply because Hitler was just a play man, an individual placed in to do a job, as most of these leaders are and he came from Austria and so very much like every year Hitler would have a celebration, if that’s the right word, and reconvene the Beer Hall Putsch they would put down a wreath to remember it. It was nothing but they created a great drama out of it and what we’ve got going in Austria is the fact that they are hooking energetically into this creation.

When the good guys took some action a couple of weeks back it was simply to remove that aspect, when operations take place that have historical importance, they don’t want to leave any trace behind. If you’re in Austria, would you go to Germany, would you go to Italy? How are you going to do it anyway? They won’t let you in, you can’t fly out, this is the wrong approach. The right approach is to say “this is my home, this is where I am, I’m absolutely not going to be pushed around”. So, what we need to do is get people to fight back, I don’t mean physically fight back, I’m not asking you to do that. Emotionally fight back. The very fact that activity on the good side has occurred in Austria, is a reason to be happier than the German’s, you could actually think it’s great that it has happened in Austria. Remember what the bad guys do, they immediately lock things down. Our Swiss coordinator Lyra mentioned that planes & helicopters are going over Switzerland and police and military are everywhere. The point about Switzerland is it’s a magical place – nobody knows it exists. It sits on the map but nobody invades it. There was an agreement that no one went into Switzerland because everyone’s Gold & Diamonds were stored there, it was a home of espionage.

During the 2nd WW Sweden was the home of espionage and if you wanted to liaise between Germany, America and Britain you would have to go to Sweden and the Swedish Red Cross – that’s how you did it. Now it’s not it is Switzerland. The Swiss Red Cross. That’s how all the negotiations are done, and there’s already been one operation in Switzerland that’s been done to roundup individuals that have a lot of money and are hiding and there’s been quite a movement. That is actually about moving of monies moving out there. Switzerland can never have anything publicly happen to it, it has to be private.

Harri – Finland

Q- Starlink, we seem to have a very interesting future ahead of us and how does Starlink fit in?

A – When scientists check things out, they tend to do it theoretically. So, Star Link has been switched on and off in different aspects and different times to test it. The information I got was that all the tests were very successful. I don’t think Star Link can piggyback the system that we have at the moment. The Mossad intelligence satellites were destroyed last year and this year so the Mossad satellites were taken down, but they were not the media communication satellites Mossad satellites were satellites that allowed Cabal to talk to each other in an encrypted way etc. What we’ve got at the moment are terrestrial media ariels doing television and radio and satellites doing television and radio so that’s part of what we would know as operation Mockingbird. It’s when the CIA decided it would brainwash the whole of the planet by using these satellites to do subliminal imagery etc. So Star Link will operate with project Odin along with Tesla technologies - we’ll just call them power stations. When others are talking about February, they are talking about a complete switch over from one aspect to another aspect. I would suggest that during the Christmas period there will be this switch over but perhaps it won’t be obvious until January.

Maia – Slovakia

Q – Med Beds –Can we expect any facility with Med Beds in Europe?

A - Every country that has a working sizable organized Connecting Consciousness operation, meaning Coordinators and members, will have Med Beds in its country. That is what’s going to be prioritized. Every country that has effective working Connecting Consciousness Coordinators and membership will have Med Beds. I can’t tell how many or where but I can tell you that that will be a priority. If we’ve got a country that’s got 3 members in it or if we’ve got a country with 500 members in it but Coordinators are just not doing the job, there won’t be Med Beds there, not because I’m being cross or nasty, but because they will say that the Med Beds must be in locations where spiritual organizations can have that effect because the projects of Med Beds are not just switch a button and get on with it, they are devices that operate on a spiritual frequency wave remarkably different than anything else we have today. If you are an effective coordinator and you have an effective team and your membership is taking part on zoom calls and asking the questions then you are much more likely to get those Med Beds than somewhere we don’t have representation or where we do but it’s not effective. So, the answer is yes, absolutely. It won’t just be centrally it will be every country that has effective CC.

When I was asked if I would like to collaborate with the Med Beds, and what I can tell you, is that what the person said to me was “I have been watching you on your podcasts and you are very keen on healing centres and this person turned to somebody and said I wonder if we are going to end up working with him” and here we are, we are working with them. If somebody comes to me and says I’ve only got 5 Med Beds for January, we can’t do very much can we, but if someone says we’ve got the first 50 Med Beds then we can start doing stuff with it, and we know by the UK Summer of next year we should have most major cities covered. I will go down as an associate of the QFS as I’m not actually on their payroll. I am a free agent who they contract with. They do not want to tie me to any form of contract. The only thing I had to sign was an NDA regarding secrets etc but in terms of my relationship with them it’s not contracted

Q – Do the Med Beds have to be included in the projects.

There is so much mis-information out there even I get tired. There are lots of people that want to claim they have a Med Bed, they had it first. The reality is that there are technologies out there which probably work just like a Med Bed but Med Bed is going to be a label that will be used. We know those Med Beds will be available and will come out and I am hoping that a lot of CC members who can get a job within that, but members don’t need to write a Project about healing Centres and Med Beds because the forces of good will have them. When I came on the scene some years ago talking about healing centres these powers that be, the good guys said, well why don’t we just put the med Beds in the healing Centres he is talking about? Let’s help him, let’s give him the money to build the centres and we will give him the Med Beds. We can’t accept them as projects because the Med Beds can’t be the property of one individual. The members might claim the equipment in there is theirs and these devices can’t be owned by any one person. I would much rather you look at your own country, what the needs are other than that. I am sure there are a ton of needs.

Ron – Indonesia

Q – Do you think Boris Johnson will be forced to resign and Nigel Farage will take over?

A – I certainly think Boris will be forced to resign , I think if you noticed MSM have already turned on him and this is what you are going to see over the coming weeks within the month of December the main stream media suddenly dropping people like a hot potato. 6 months ago Boris Johnson could do nothing wrong and the media would cover up and cover up and then overnight they just seemed to want him gone. So, I do believe Boris Johnson will go. I am not clear whether Farage will take over but I can tell you for truth is that every country that is part of this project has a core group of people ready to take over. For instance, in English speaking countries there is a core group of police ready to take over after they remove the corrupt police. There are Dr’s and Nurses who are on an approved list who will go in and get positions of responsibility. I do expect several other government people to be removed and be replaced perhaps with people we have never even heard of. People who have been in hiding, people who are in another country, people who are under a protection programme at the moment or indeed people we do know and we do know as separate from the system. So, what is going to happen with Julian Assange, what role might he be offered? What role might Farage be offered? There is going to be people who are not tarnished by the current political system.

There are a lot of politicians from 10 years ago who are going to be invited to come back because they were not part of the Cabal or the Deep State, basically I think it is going to be a game of musical chairs, where, as all the sitting governments get up and walk off and they’re replaced by some people we know and some people we won’t know. It’s going to be the same in the entertainment industry and in the people that host the news programs and the TV shows, some are going to disappear and be replaced. Farage is an interesting one, the point is no matter how good somebody is, you can’t appoint a hot head just because they’ve been against the status qu. Just because someone is anti-cabal you can’t give them a position of responsibility if they’re a loose cannon or if they are a maverick. You’ve got to put people into posts who’ve a track record fighting the cabal, speaking truth level headed and don’t go mad. The problem with Farage is if he gets into an argument on camera particularly with people asking him questions, he tends to lose it. He’s got to curb that. I think he’s got a fantastic future but you can’t let someone who is questioning you make you lose it.

JirSen – Taiwan on behalf of Bavi the China Coordinator

Q – Any updates or timeframe in regard to China’s operations in terms of Military and any indications regarding China’s economic situation in the coming years. Will it crash, what can Chinese people or Bavi do in order to prepare for this possible economic crash?

A – I don’t believe that China is going to have an economic crash. What I think will happen is that certain parts of the Chinese economy will go back to where they were about 5 years ago. It will not be a famine, there will not be a huge flood. China will and does have a very good, positive future, but there will be economic disruption in China just as there will be in other countries. The question of course is the relationship between the Chines Communist Party and the State because the CCP is a political organization that believes it runs the State but the State does not necessarily see that as fact and so I think there is a lot of fear being spread about a total collapse in China that is not going to happen. There are plenty of houses or apartments that are empty and have been for years and years because the building boom has exceeded expectations and I know for a fact that apartment blocks built 4 years ago have been demolished because nobody was buying them. That was always going to happen, there was always going to be a rectification of that part of the economy.

The problem for China is that the real estate, the buying and selling of property is an enormous part of the Chinese Economy at the top end, the very wealthy have always invested in that. So as the confidence goes from that it will be a targeted collapse of the economy which actually won’t hugely effect the ordinary man and woman in the street, it will affect the very wealthy because these apartments tend to be quite expensive. So, I am not worried about China. There are certain things I can’t talk about on an open line but actually the Chinese people are wonderful, absolutely wonderful. It is just like anywhere else when a small group of people come on top and start dictating things. When the virus was at its worst, we in the west saw people being locked up from the outside in their homes because they had the virus. That is not an attitude that is normal in China. I have great hopes for China. I will tell you March/April will be a really big changing point for China. I can’t say more than that.

JirSen - From the Taiwan Members

Q - The CCP is taking large conglomerates/enterprises as hostages in China by slapping huge fines on them. In return these huge conglomerates are infiltrated and voices on their behalf are taking the CCP side in the MSM. Infiltrating the free elections here in Taiwan. What can we do locally here in Taiwan?

A – You don’t have to worry because that has been done deliberately to show the Taiwanese exactly what the game is. There is nothing new in that. In Great Britain early this year, the CCP were shown to control companies that were putting in television and radio masts so the British government actually cut the contract with the CCP so the CCP no longer, through companies, could control that. Right across the world what has happened is that the CCP controlled companies have been delisted from the stock exchange. What has happened is that money can no longer go to the CCP, but if you want to wake up people in Taiwan; the story they are putting out now, which is about 2 years old (only for people like us as we know what is going on) they are pushing that story now deliberately to make people distrustful of the CCP not disrespectful to the Chinese people or the culture or the country of China but very, very careful about the political aspect of China.

Arthur - Italy

Q – The Vatican – As we know Monsignor Viganò is the talking very much against the Pope so what do you think of him and wouldn’t it be a very big turnover if the Pope gets arrested, wouldn’t that wake up the whole world and wouldn’t Italy be a prioritised to be liberated by Trump due to its intervention in the 2020 elections?

A- I don’t know about arresting the Pope. When you are dealing with a religion, we have to be very careful because that is how you get wars and that’s brother hates brother. I think it is more likely that the Pope will just be removed or stand down and be replaced by a White Pope, in other words a Pope that is like us in terms of his beliefs. I don’t think there will be a huge arresting of the Pope I think he will just go and somebody who will be the Pope will come on and that person will be a true religious man who just wants religion, who wants to build churches and fill his churches full of people who will sing, but doesn’t want to run a business, doesn’t want to rule the world and doesn’t want to own lots of properties and get backs to doing what churches are suppose to be. The good guys were really interested in the intellectual copyright, the ancient history that the Vatican was sitting on and they were very interested in the ancient artifacts and Nazi Gold that was stored. We did see of course, the Main Stream Media showed photographs of the big crane sitting in the Piazza just outside the Vatican.

That is exactly what they were doing, they were lifting out all the gold and money that had been stored directly under the Piazza and there were tunnels that went off there. So, the good guys particularly wanted to take away the power of the Vatican which was the money. If you are sitting on 300 quintillion of money then you can without having to take any of it with, you can go around the world and call yourself the Pope and every world leader knows you have all these Quintillions of money and that you could probably destabilize his or her country, if you so choose. So that is why the Pope was recognized and went everywhere, in the same way that the Queen of England won’t be arrested I don’t believe the Pope will be arrested. So where does the truth come out? If we don’t tell the truth about the Queen and if we don’t tell the truth about the Pope, how do we let people know what they have been doing? Here is the interesting part, maybe they don’t, maybe they only talk about Hollywood and all the Child Trafficking. Maybe they talk about certain Politicians but things like the Queen of England and things like the Pope, they just leave it, because those 2 individuals have millions and millions of supporters around the world who think they are the best thing in the world. If you take the iconic status away, then maybe you will be dealing with loads of suicides, people who don’t know what to do anymore and it just causes you more aggravation so maybe it’s just easier to put a new person in and say you take over now. I think that is what will happen.

The Vatican is finished they are absolutely destroyed and just waiting to be taken over and it is no longer an issue. The Leonardo Satellites were put up by the Italian Government but the Vatican was given what we could call an official hack into it. That is why it is called Leonardo as they looked into it, because Leonardo was one of the guys who created the telescope. The deal was that the Italian government allowed the Vatican to have access to the information from the Leonardo Satellites which allowed them to do fake elections. That is gone now. The Italian government were threatened by the Trump Administration before Trump left office regarding what they were doing and basically the Vatican no longer have any control over those satellites.

Chris - Thailand

Q – The world court and the Haig Crimes against humanity charges launched by Reiner Fuellmich and over 100 international lawyers working in conjunction with Dr’s etc. Do you have any insight into this, as it stands right now?

A – It stands in a very strong position because those documents have created other groups to use the wording from those, certainly in Great Britain those same documents have been served on a number of hospitals where they have been threatened with crimes against humanity. The international court is a court that we don’t hear very much of because it’s a common law court it’s not a Maritime or Navel Court. I can tell you that the Judge who is going to be involved next week with what is happening in South Africa is from the International Court. So we are very positive about this.

Dalvir – Brazil

Q – We hear everything happening in Europe and America but we rarely hear about Brazil. Our President is quite outspoken about being against all the covid narrative/vaccines/masks etc but it doesn’t seem to have much power because all the opposition party and the other people in government seem to be against it, including the supreme court which is censoring and arresting people against the law. What can you tell us about Brazil?

A – It is no different from America because the supreme court in America was the same it was corrupt. What you have got there, as you have in every country, you have a situation where you have good guys in government who are just telling everyone where their position is, don’t care if they get attacked because it really brings attention to them and then when our governments change, he will probably be the new President or he will have a position which he thinks is a good position to have. In terms of the world stage South America Countries have never ruled the world, they have always played up to either the United States or the most powerful South American Country.

Unfortunately, you guys have always fought amongst each other, and Argentina for some time was considered to be a strong voice and a lead, but when the economy of the south of that continent was destroyed, then it was always seen as America’s play den so I don’t think we should be thinking like that. I think what we’ve got to think of is that Brazil is part of the first 26 currencies, so Brazil will be one of the countries that re-values in the first go. What is interesting is that there is not a single Euro country in the first basket. Britain is because we don’t have the Euro, but there isn’t a single European country that uses the Euro that’s in it, simply because Strasberg is seen as The One World Government. So I don’t have any worries for Brazil, I’ve more concerns about the rain forest than I have for the politics because we know that the good guys are waiting to take over in Brazil. They are also waiting in Argentina and a couple of other countries, but there are some South American countries that are sitting on the fence at the moment, and they are saying let’s see how it works out and if it works out good, then we’ll join the club.

Brad – Singapore

Q – A lot of questions I get from the members are about Med Beds and preparation for it. So talking potentially summer next year, is their any guidance of what we need to start looking for or preparing to create a facility for them to be operated on?

A – What it would be helpful to do is to look for a building that is physically secure. People have a vision to have them in the countryside and very beautiful and peaceful because that is the image that we have (for healing centres) , but the reality is that people are going to have to be able to jump on a bus or a train or car and get there. These aren’t holistic retreats that people go and pay a lot of money for, this is like a hospital so they need to be brick built, physically strong, access to the power grid, accessible by train, bus, car and in Britain what people are looking at are closed down hospitals. So a hospital that was built 100 years ago, closed down 30 years ago and what the hell are you going to do with a huge building that nobody wants. They don’t want to turn into apartments so they are just sitting derelict. So we are looking for buildings that are very secure, because this technology is secret. You can’t put it in a shed it has got to be a very strong central building.

Tuan – Vietnam

Q – How will CC be involved in terms of organizations that have a portfolio of humanitarian projects?

A – The Florida team had a very strong connection with Vietnam and had a Project Team visit them a year ago and met with them to talk about the needs of Vietnam. The difference is; the Vietnam economy is going to be funded by China. So it will be the gold of China that backs Vietnam and the Gold of Asia, not just from China, there will be Asian gold as well so Vietnam is going to be in a very very good position. What we have is a position where we are already accepted by the Asian government or the Vietnamese Government and so CC won’t be seen as an outside organization coming in telling Vietnamese people how to behave or how to work. We will have projects in Vietnam which may well be funded by the Asian side or the Chinese side or the American side. It doesn’t matter, but we will certainly have a project in Vietnam, there is no question of it, and how do we run it? I can’t speak Vietnamese, I can’t run it, that’s a question that will come up when we look at the project that we choose for Vietnam, the one that works but part of the difficulty for me will be making sure we don’t duplicate what other agencies such as some of the Dragon societies in Asia might want for Vietnam or the Vietnamese Government might want. So we have to run a project that is either separate or is part of what the Vietnamese Government is doing but it will be clearly shown to be a CC project. It is an easy one for us because the Florida management team of the QFS have already had discussions with the Vietnamese Government in relation to certain issues and so when the Florida team contract with me, and I contract with the Vietnamese Government it will actually be quite easy. It might even be easier than setting a project up in America.

Q2 – If CC has a project the same as a project that the Government has which will be selected?

A- I think it depends if they were both in the same city, then only one project is going to be acceptable but if they are in different cities, I think both projects could quite happily run side by side because you have many millions of people living in Vietnam. If it’s a politically sensitive project then we would let the Vietnamese run with that and we would be part of it providing our aspect /our CC part because we are a spiritual organization. Then I would say this is our bottom line; this is what we do and this is where we want and if you can’t accept that then we will have our own stand-alone project. I think it’s just about having a debate; where do they go when there are 2 projects very similar, who runs it who has the final say.

Carol – Australia

Q – Is there any news on the wands?

A – They’ve gone quiet simply because they have lost their voice because of Med Beds. Because the roll out of the Med Beds will be fairly quick, the idea of the wands, the people who created that are throwing their arms up in the air and are a bit angry because I think what they thought was that they had created something unique and nobody else had thought about it and then it became obvious that actually there are these Med Beds and they felt (I don’t agree with this, but they felt) that the wands are defunct, they’re useless now because nobody is going to want the wand they are going to want a Med Bed and all the funding is seen to be going toward the Med Beds. However, I will be speaking within this week coming, with the person that originally brought this to my attention to see if we can salvage it. If I can pull a deal off, what I would like to see is all of our practitioners, all of our healers to have these in their home to be able to use them on their own patients.

Liz – NZ Resolutions

Q – What impact will the shaky situation with Evergrande have on the global housing market, for example In New Zealand and Australia, China and possibly the CCP are heavily invested in property.

A – It will have more effect on Australia than it will on New Zealand, it will not destroy the economy of China but it will destroy the top end of real estate in Australia and the effect on New Zealand unfortunately will be more diverse, it won’t be as heavy as Australia but it will be more diverse, in other words, being a smaller country your percentage of reliance on that is greater than others. The problem for Australia is the political effect and the confidence effect, the difficulty for NZ is, if you have only got 1 or 2 big players and one of those players takes a big hit then it has a proportionately greater effect, and my main concern would be Australia for that but what I’m not clear on in NZ is how many subsidiary jobs rely on one particular industry? An example is; in Great Britain every hospital has a café, a sandwich shop, a florist shop and chocolates and all the rest of it. So when you close a hospital, it isn’t just the hospital that closes, it’s all of the additional trades or businesses that were heavily dependant on that one object. So, what I’m not clear on NZ is when it does take the hit, whether the effect on other industries is as great as it could be in Australia or whether it is quite less. So my main concern is Australia not New Zealand in relation to the Evergrande housing. Right across the globe, the top end of the market is going to have the bottom kicked out of it simply because all the Hollywood stars are running for their lives, all the big guys have got nowhere to run, we’ve seen that in London, prices in the top end are shooting down, and people are literally going to NZ, hiding in a mountain, they really are, it wasn’t just the Lord of the Rings that did that it was an opportunity for people to get away. So top end prices are going to come down and it’s going to be quite interesting.

Q – A US war ship arrived in Wellington, and there are photos of people wearing white hats and also blue hats which could potentially be the white hats playing a joke on the Cabal, saying that they are the UN.

A- That is exactly the joke. Recently in Australia there was a meeting of Native Peoples and a lot of the commentators on the social media were terrified because they thought that the United Nations were sending troops to stop these Native Peoples because the tanks were painted white, The UN uses white tanks and then the letters UN painted on them. What they didn’t understand was that what the Military was showing was that these were White Hats, these tanks were painted white and had nothing to do with, it was the police that started having fights with the Native Peoples. It was the police that were involved in that. So what the military have been doing has been saying to people we’re white hats, so tanks have been painted white, or people are wearing white hats and it’s literally aimed at you guys, because you are awake, you understand it. The ordinary public haven’t got a clue. They’re not worried about them, they are worried about sending you guys a message, so if an American war ship turns up then it’s a white hat operation.

Q2 – Is there a link to arresting the Cabal/CCP government?

A – No it’s purely a diplomatic exercise to remind Governments of the world that the Americans can project their Naval power anywhere that they want and that those governments had better do what they’re told. You don’t go on a battleship or a destroyer to arrest people you go by aeroplane or helicopter and you do it. America sends a war ship and plonks it in a place where everyone sees it and the Government of that country is aware that the Americans are there. That’s all it is, it’s politics.

Cora – Phillipines

Q – Are the stories of Ferdinand Marcos’ Gold true and does it have anything to do with their QFS?

A – It’s very true, Imelda Marcos had 12,000 pairs of shoes, so she was into shoes and he was into Gold Bars. He liked and collected bars of gold and on a regular basis he would be taken to a volt that he had built and he was able to see his gold. That has all been taken back by the Asian group and will be used for the QFS, absolutely.

Ramon – Caribbean

Q – We have a whole situation with Martinique and Guadeloupe where the islands are basically closed off = can’t go to work, blockading roads and basically at a stand still. Military are coming to both. Is it a White hat operation? Is it a black hat operation? Many in the Caribbean are seeing this as the beginning of the revolution in the Caribbean.

A – It is a white hat operation, the sad thing that we have found over the last month is that very bad people like islands because they are free of detection, they don’t have local or international police turning up, so think of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. A lot of the people that have had these islands and the ones you’ve mentioned are home for child trafficking and a number of other things and there was a military operation. They finished it a few days ago and it is not ongoing. It was a military operation to do with that sort of issue and has nothing to do with locking down, and of course they did close roads off and all the rest of it because they just didn’t want the public to get down there. There would now be a clear up operation.

Q2 – Barbados on the 30th November will become a parliamentary republic, is that an indication that the Commonwealth is basically dead?

A – Yes, because Barbados originally had Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State, then there was a general letting go but countries chose to be part of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth doesn’t exist anymore, that is why Australia and New Zealand will have the opportunity to be part of the United States of America if they so choose. Barbados and other countries that are or were part of the British Crown can either choose to be sovereign republican entities or they can connect with other countries and I think a country like that which relies so heavily on tourism will do fine. It will be just an independent country because so much of its trade will come from tourism.

Drazen – Croatia

Q – There will be no catastrophic disturbance on the transition to the QFS, there is suggestion to buy precious metals, what is the purpose for this?

A – How we would look at it first of all is there should be a gentle transition. What you will find is that if you have 100 Croatian Kuna in the bank it will stay 100, you might find the bank steals it for a week or two, but it will be replaced. So if everything is going to be fine, your question is why do we need Gold and Silver? What’s the point? The point is that at the moment Gold and Silver are kept very low and the time is coming when that goes up, so if people were to buy Gold and Silver now, then the value of it will increase significantly and when we move to a cashless society it still has to be asset backed. So in the next 2 years there will be no central banks, no European central bank. They will be replaced by a gold bullion bank and in 5 years’ time there will be no ordinary banks. Everyone will do everything on their phone, but the money on their phone will be asset backed or gold backed and you could have a bank account but it is all asset backed and gold backed and if you have gold that you have bought yourself, you could have a separate account on your phone, a separate what we call; a gold account and you can use that to buy other things that you don’t want to spend out of your other account. We are going to see a remarkable change in the way we think we bank, at the moment banks don’t do anything for us, they really don’t, but if we become our own ban, each man or woman has his/her own bank which they carry around with them, then they really are responsible for how they invest their money, because when we give money to a bank, they don’t tell us how they invest it, but if you are your own bank you will decide on how you invest it. So going back to your question; a smooth transition; yes. Why gold and Silver? Because it’s value will increase dramatically in the months ahead.

Q – So this sounds like people with gold and silver will be at an advantage.

A – Yes correct.



On the Rise

Raising our vibration to peek up over and above the 3rd dimensional reality is exciting, but also a bit unknown and possibly scary for some. Many of us are experiencing the higher dimensions already, although we may not even realize it. The following is my perspective on it.

Most likely when you are in a relaxed and joyful state, you may notice that colors seem brighter, birds sing louder, things smell more and there is a kind of glow around everything. You, my friend, are experiencing the 5th dimension.

To clarify, the 5th dimension is not so much a place, but a state of mind or perspective. Wherever your vibrational set point or predominant frequency sits, determines what you experience as reality at that moment. This is good news because, it can change in every moment. I mean to say that the choice is yours alone, in every moment.

This is a simple concept but, its implementation is a bit more challenging. We get ourselves into habitual ruts and we want out because we feel unhappy. Thing is, that rut kind of gets comfortable because it’s what we know. Even if it is less than perfect, it feels familiar, so somehow soothing. That has a lot to do with societal programming and expectations, but that is another topic.

To add to this formula, as soon as we move into different patterns our ego will fire up to remind us that uncharted territory could be dangerous. We begin to feel even more uncomfortable and the old familiar discomfort will seem much more palatable. It is a cycle or merry-go-round that is not easy to break out of.

The wonderful thing about life is that we are in full control, even if we cannot see it that way. Things can change in the blink of an eye…literally. As soon as we decide, we think differently, which causes us to feel differently, then we emote differently. Now we have a different experience. Here in this moment of now, we have ultimate power, as it is our choice how we proceed. With each new decision we will experience life from that new perspective.

Becoming aware of this internal endless processing and being mindful in a certain intent driven direction is where we begin to co-create our reality.

What kind of a world do you want to live in? A new world starts with all of us individually co-creating through conscious intent.

Tammy - BC East Coordinator



One way to bring Poetry more deeply into your spiritual practice is to see poems as modeling ways of behaviour we might wish to adopt as our own, says John Brehm in his book “The Dharma of Poetry.”

The fundamental truth is that, witnessing virtuous actions in literature inspires us to act more virtuous ourselves. Witnessing and participating in poems prepares the groundwork for our transformation.

To fully understand or experience a poem we need to enter the poem in a mindful way, to live in the field of its imaginative energy and appreciate it rather than think about it, and so begins the Sacred Pause.

On December 21, 2021 during the Solstice Event, I will be reading Robert Frost’s most famous poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Bring a pen and paper and together we will explore “How Poems can deepen your Spiritual Practice and open you to Joy.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods there are I think I know

His house is in the village, though.

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods, fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it’s queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound’s the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Jacqueline Denis

CC Regional Northern Ontario Coordinator


CC Canada Project Stories

The true meaning and purpose of this life has always been for me to reconnect with my Divine Nature and follow my inner path. The shocking awakening to this revelation came through sickness and wanting to find how to heal and BE myself. My insight strongly lead me to create a Health Center in the Bahamas since my husband is Bahamian, I was 30 years old.

The goal and dream never failed me and since my husband was devoted to feed his people, we started the first organic farm on the islands...

We did it three times...many obstacles came our way; hurricanes, losses, lack of support, treason and bullying from the authority.

This is the fourth season and we are standing in our Faith that it is the right time and the right place. We are SO thankful to be given the opportunity to manifest what is in our Hearts and Souls since so long, we are diving in the experience re-offered with abandon and grace.

We thank this wonderful Connecting Consciousness team that is serving Humanity under the Vision of Simon and Becky and the fantastic help and support they are providing through the workshops.

The Holistic Health Center will take place in Quebec and will provide services to people recovering from the actual plandemic crisis that are looking for ways to heal their body, mind and spirit and thrive. An organic farm will feed the population and we hope to connect with an eco-village and develop sustainable ways of living in the New Earth 5D.

FAITH Is the KEY Help is on the WAY...!!


CC Canada Member & Project Proposal Writer


With so much swirling around in our country, our homes and our minds, the doubt and uncertainty continue to be unwelcomed guests in our hearts. Yet they keep dropping by to say hello just when we thought we had gotten rid of these couch crashers for good. How do we remain steadfast in our faith to follow our intuition and trust our higher self and the universe that all that is and will happen is exactly what needs to happen. We all play a pivotal role in that process. Every thought. Every action. Every hug and embrace; brings in the love frequency and raises the vibration beyond the dense 3D construct and into Divine Harmony.

As we head into this last month of 2021 and into the new, let us be mindful and compassionate in what we co-create together. We are all artists at the canvas and we can paint a beautiful scene with our thoughts and actions or we can choose to quarrel over the colours and how the landscape should look like. We are creative beings by nature. We want to build and grow and expand to the farthest reaches of space and time. To touch the stars, we must be unified and effective in our healing, our service and our approach to manifesting the world we want in the months and years ahead.

Thriving over the holiday's this month can be a tricky one this year. We are all faced with challenges and obstacles that keep testing our faith and trust within our heart. We are not alone in this time of change and awakening. Let us celebrate our growth and evolution this year for we are not the same humans now after gone through the last 12 months. Let us look onto 2022 with a fresh awareness and create the Unity Community we want in Canada and the world!

Be and Grow in Enlightenment

Love and Gratitude

Shine Your Light

All is Well

So be it


CC Canada Coordinator Team

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We have so much goodness to look forward to. Thank you to all CC coordinators for updates and positive outlook. This is so appreciated and needed. Blessings and peace to our amazing community. 😊


Membro desconhecido
03 de dez. de 2021

Thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes. Greatly appreciate it. I am excited for the future, I am glad to have you all in my life. Looking forward to 2022.


May I echo what Greg (in a comment above) wrote - I too respect & am grateful for the mindful communication, all of the time & effort the CC team put in, the good balanced energy and useful information that is shared here. It gives me immense reassurance and hope !

Thank you all !

~ Lynn Sapp, Nova Scotia


What a wonderful newsletter! Thanks so much, coordinators, for all you do and all you are!



Greg Auclair
Greg Auclair
02 de dez. de 2021

Thanks very much Philip to you and ALL the Coordinators throughout CC for the great deal of time you devote to keeping us all informed, dealing with all this information, zoom calls, logistics and ensuring we all remain positive and focused on the bright new future that lays ahead of us all! All your efforts are very much appreciated!


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