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CC Canada "Inspiration" Journal - January 2024

Updated: Apr 18

Francine has been saying, “Happy New Life” instead of Happy New Year.


The CC Canada Team is wishing you a very Happy New Life!


We are proud to bring you a new design of the Newsletter, and in fact we have recognized that it is a journal. We are calling it “Inspiration”, which is fitting as it is a shared offering from both members and volunteers as we communicate our thoughts, feelings and experiences from across the country. Inspiration is a bilingual word and you will notice that the Journal is now bilingual. As a first edition of our new format, we are a little late sending it out, we worked out many bumps. Going forward we intend to send out “Inspiration” on the 15th of each month.


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Please send in your contributions for the March Journal by Feb 9.


We had a lovely session with Grandmother Mulara on Jan 16. A recording will be made available for members soon. There are two more sessions, one in each February and March. Links are on our website.


Growing Together kicks off this Saturday Jan 20 at 11am PST or 2 pm EST the topic is Urban Food Forests.



Special International Guest Speaker Kerry Cassidy is booked for Jan 26 at 7 pm.


This is a members only event. You can find the link on our website. Please do not share the link.


Old Fashioned Traditional Skills returns on February 25 at 11 am PST or 2 pm EST. This is the postponed Tanning of hides.



Healing through Nature with Grant begins on February 27 at 5:30 pm PST or 8:30 pm EST. Register for Healing with Nature


More great events will be added. Keep checking our website!


Team Updates!


We are so excited and happy to announce that we have a wonderful and strong team.


Cliff has stepped forward and is now Coordinator for the Territories. In addition to helping with the Men’s Group, Cliff will also offer a monthly Territories Zooms.  Zoom meetings are open to all members, and we are attempting to support our northern members.


Julie has agreed to be a Regional Coordinator for Metro Vancouver. She will offer Zoom meetings twice a month for B.C and all members.


Louise began as Regional Coordinator in Quebec for the South Shore and Montreal Areas, this week.  Lousie will take over the francophone Zoom and she will soon offer a themed Zoom in French as well.


Want to join our team?


We are sending out more letters asking for volunteers. No need to wait, you can reach out to express your interest in joining our team.






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