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CC Canada July 2021 Newsletter

Like watching our gardens grow, we begin to see the flower buds and anticipate the sprouting of fresh and new fruits and vegetables on the stem. We welcome 200+ members from May with our first member ever from Nunavut! We are now officially representing every province and territory in Canada with over 4000 strong and sovereign souls. The continued work and dedication from the coordinator team is never ending with more ways to connect as we head into a summer blooming with gatherings coast to coast. The offering of time and energy from every single Connecting Consciousness coordinator creates opportunities to nurture the building of bridges and healing of hearts.

Online Gatherings have been at the core of our Canadian Group. It has been a convenient tool to join together to connect and share on a level that we had once dreamt of. However, we now enter a time when In Person Gatherings have become within reach again. Everyone craves the connection now more than ever and we are grateful for the chance to facilitate such events for a beautiful and inspiring group of souls. In order to do so, we have brought on official small group leaders (SGL) who work with the local coordinator to organize and host in person meet ups. There are still many regions that need that kind of support. In order to offer opportunities to learn, we hosted a Coordinator/Small Group Leader Workshop: An Introduction and Overview on June 22nd for 82 members interested in helping in some form or another. We are confident that each province will have a coordinator and SGLs by the end of the summer.

If you wish to step forward to help in your local community, we would love to have a conversation with you! Please check out the replay of the workshop here:

Send your local coordinator an email to start the discussion!

Online Gatherings

Over the Summer months we will not be hosting as many online gatherings. This will give time to schedule in In Person Meet Ups, find coordinators and more small group leaders, and plan our Fall-Winter Schedule. Thank you for the love and support over this past year with all of our gatherings. Would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve our connection together! Please send your comments and insights to:

Weekly Meditation Group

The purpose of this group is to truly support each other in the healing and transition journey through 4D into 5D and beyond. It has been a privilege to welcome and get to know people across the country and coming together in unison to raise the vibration higher and higher. This of course takes much time and energy to prepare and hold space for on a weekly basis. Thus, we will be taking a break over the summer to prepare for a Fall-Winter Schedule. Thank you everyone who participates weekly! Enjoy the warm months and keep posted for updates for the start of our Meditation Group Series for this Autumn!

New Coordinators/Small Group Leaders

This month, we are blessed to have Nicole Lasko from Toronto joining our coordinator team as the new coordinator for Canada Central (Ontario & Quebec). As well as 5 new SGLs in Alberta supporting the Calgary Region and Edmonton Regions respectively. A big thank you to all newcomers across Canada and the rest of the world! The Connecting Consciousness family continues to expand and strengthen every day, week and month. We are now at 100,000 members worldwide!🌻🌎

Social Media

The Connecting Consciousness Canada website ( is our main hub of connection and information. Events, News, Groups and Forums are available for over 1,000 confirmed CC members with that number growing every single day! Thank you everyone for your support and commitment to connect together! Special thank you to our Youth Coordinator Caroline for the website design and maintenance and very special thank you to François for the hard work you have put in to help translate the website to make it bilingual for everyone! 🙏

Our Telegram Channel continues to be our daily update and gathering reminder platform. If you haven't joined, I encourage you to take advantage of this chance to stay informed! Join here:

The Quantum Disciplinary Team (QDT) Update

The team has formulated multiple sub-groups to support the community projects and services that will play integral roles in the New Earth. We meet monthly as a large group and sub-groups meet throughout the month. Most notably, our Project Proposal Team is busy reviewing 36 applications and will be hosting an online gathering for all who have filled out the Project Proposal Form. Some exciting projects are in the works!

Thank you everyone for your patience and grace with this process. There is much work involved and everyone helping volunteers their time and energy to support and assist with the organization and review of each project proposal.

Naturally, Healing Centres and Medbeds are on most hearts within these proposals. It will be beautiful to see centres in each province and we are excited to say we are on that path. Though the path will be a long one, we have faith and trust that in divine timing, the pieces will fall into place.


International Coordinators Meeting

On Friday June 25th, the country coordinators got together to get updates from Becky & Simon and discuss all things Connecting Consciousness for as much as time allows. We welcomed new coordinators for Hongkong and Singapore. 🗺

Simon's Update

1. QFS/RV was supposed to launch June 25. The building collapse in Florida was a means to derail the rollout once again by the DS. It was reported Iraq has the new system in play and people can exchange their currency into Pounds or US dollars for a huge rate. This country was chosen to start this process due to the hardships over the years. (Or is it because of its ancient history ties?)

2. Medbeds - Simon didn’t go into much detail but said the cost of the beds are quite high. Reportedly in the millions of dollars per unit.

Healing Centres - Not to build on land where there is satanic energy. CC will buy existing buildings and turn them into CC Healing Centres. Medbeds may not be at that location. They could be "down the road" at a different building associated with the local CC Centre. Only CC members will be permitted to "work" at the centres.

3. 1000's of applications for the PA role for Simon and Becky. They plan on creating the "Ethics & Issues" Group out of some of the applicants. This group will help support and review any issues that spring up within CC groups around the world. The application submission process is now closed and between now and September, Becky and Simon will go through the emails and information of all who applied. (Thank you to all who applied. Your information has been forwarded on for review)


New Coordinator Spotlight


As a perpetual student of life and child of Mother Terra, Nicole has embodied several heart centred roles as daughter, sister, mother, artist, and healer. Life has also guided her through many professional incarnations in interior design, landscape architecture, general contracting and real estate. Participation in community projects has always been of great importance to Nicole. Her varied interests have recently woven together and led her to her most fulfilling role yet, contributing here, at home, in bilingual Canada.


Spiritually Creative Arts by CC Canada Members

My Piece of the Great Mosaic - My Inner Journey

Carmen Nadon

I have been searching since my early teens for the answer to those questions that I think everyone at one point or another wonders about. Is there a God? What is God? Who I am really? What is my purpose here? What is the soul and can that be experienced?

The idea for my mosaic art exhibit began many years ago after a spiritual experience that I had in my early twenties. I would return from this experience forever changed because from that point on I would look at the physical world through the eyes of this experience.

On that day, my journey back to myself had begun and simultaneously the desire to create something from this place within me had been initiated. I would spend the next 26 years trying to figure out how this could be done. It would be a whole other journey for me, as I would need to go to every part of myself in my attempt to express what I wanted to express. I learned so much through the process and discovered gifts along the way.

My daily mantra would be...let me be an expression of what I had experienced. This request would bring me to explore the possibility of art as a means of expressing my message. It took some 26 years for me to finally realize that I had been given the answer to my question all along, piece by piece, word by word, year by year. It was a work in progress and I would need to be patient.

Life is like that, we sometimes don’t see the big picture but everything is moving us forward to something greater whether we are aware of it or not. This mosaic style of painting was developed specifically for this art project as it symbolizes best what I’m attempting to convey. In the art exhibit entitled My Piece of the Great Mosaic - My Inner Journey, paintings, symbols and written words are combined in an attempt to bring the viewer with me on my Inner Journey.

The experience of losing my father to suicide at 16 as well as other challenging experiences brought me to the place in life where God and nature are all I could count on. These life experiences would be the catalyst for my search for understanding and truth as well as the grace of this light experience that I had at age 24. In this spiritual experience all awareness of physical reality disappeared and only light remained. This would change my perception of reality forever.

What I learned is that the darkest moments are an opportunity for transformation, change and grace. For me the darkness was actually a gift.... a gift to know myself beyond this physical form and I am forever grateful for that blessing.

The art exhibit speaks to this moment in time, to the coming together of many souls for the creation of a world of Great Beauty!

Thank you to all my beautiful Soul Brothers and Sisters holding the vision of a world filled with Love, Beauty, Compassion, Truth and Healing. United together we are creating the world we are envisioning. Create bridges wherever you can, extent a hand to your Soul Brothers and Sisters that are in need. May we all lift each other up and pass every test.

My exhibit can be viewed for free on YouTube at

The exhibit made its debut in 2013 & 2014 at the following Galleries:

2013 Two Woman Show, Temiskaming Art Gallery, Haileybury, Ontario, Canada.

2014 Solo Art exhibition, Museum of Northern History the Sir Harry Oaks Chateau, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

Love overcomes all


Carmen Nadon


Small Group Pictures

Here a few pictures from some of our IN PERSON meet ups this past month! Looking forward to creating a collage of connection across Canada! Thank you Small Group Leaders, Coordinators and everyone who participated!

Central Alberta Gathering with Small Group Leaders Bob & Brigitta

Edmonton Gathering with Alberta Coordinators Deb & Khoji

Fraser Region BC Small Group Gathering with Coordinator Susan

Picnic at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario with Coordinators Laara & Philip

Calgary Small Group Gathering with SGL Dominica


Connecting Consciousness here in Canada is becoming something quite extraordinary. Internationally, CC has created ripples of love and compassion through all time zones across the planet and this is only the beginning of a wave that will engulf the hearts and challenge us to be who we were truly meant to become. Love. Pure Undying Unconditional Love. Thank you everyone from every corner of Canada. All of us are holding the light and shining as bright as we can. Every day, we help create those ripples to keep the vibration high ocean to ocean, field to field, and mountain to mountain.

Be and Grow In Enlightenment

Much Love and Gratitude from my Heart to the Stars

Philip Adcock - Canada Country Coordinator

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Fiona Walker
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