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CC Canada June 2021 Newsletter

In the theme of Spring, CC Canada continues to grow, change and develop. With our membership numbers boarding at 4 000, we have entered a new stage of our evolution and welcome the next steps of connecting like minded beautiful souls across the country. With every gathering and meet up we hold the light and raise the vibration higher and higher and we are excited for what the next few months will bring not only for Canada but the entire world. We all feel it. We can taste it on our lips. None of us are immune to the changes that are occurring and we are humbled to help usher in these changes like never before!

New Flowers in Bloom

Over this past month, we have said goodbye to two coordinators that have been a big part of our team. Catherine (Ontario) and Louise (Quebec) have stepped aside and we have been blessed with the work and contributions they have offered over this past year. They both have been hugely involved with cultivating communities in their respective regions and will be missed.

It is within this change we find strength and resolve as a unified team as new coordinators have stepped up to assist in key areas in Canada. Angie (Vancouver Island) and Susan (Fraser Region) join our BC team while Patricia (Nova Scotia) has taken up the mantle to support those beautiful souls in the Maritimes and Tammy (Northern Alberta) brings her love and support to those North of Edmonton.

Unity in Community

Our website continues to be our hub for everything CC Canada with news, events, groups and forums only accessible to verified CC members. The website also includes our Project Proposal Form, Skills and Volunteers Form, Resources, videos, FAQs and more. In addition, our Telegram Channel has grown to over 400 members and is our daily update and check in to remind everyone of the event that day/evening and how they can get involved. The weekly meditation group on Sundays have been an anchor for those craving deeper connections and healing opportunities. Also, thanks to other members in CC Canada offering their time and expertise, interviews focus on various healing modalities and approaches like Heart Math, Breathwork, Sound Healing, and more. We have seen the formulation of our first Workshop Series, the Divine Feminine Healing Circle. Four coordinators and a member volunteer have gotten together to create 5 weeks (bi-weekly) of connecting, sharing and healing through focused topics and promoting self-care, self-love and empowerment. We also offer New Member Workshops, Coordinator Introduction Workshops and further coordinator training opportunities.

In person meet ups have been sparse due to provincial restrictions but a few coordinators have been able to gather with some of their local members. We are looking forward to scheduling small groups in person throughout the country over the summer! Stay tuned as this will be ongoing!

Formulation and Organization

The Quantum Disciplinary Team is our group formed of coordinators and member volunteers from diverse professional backgrounds aiming to serve our communities as a collective body. Sub-Groups hone in on distinct areas of service like projects, skills mapping, community events, website/content creation, and our newly formed Conscious Compassion Committee. More sub-groups will be created as we allow the divine timing to take place. More information to come!

Prime Creator Channeling

by Susie from Creation Temple

Pictures by Roland (BC Coordinator)

What you are seeing is a reflection of multi-dimensional light that has arrived to planet earth. You are capturing this on your camera. The multi-dimensionality is showing up in these sacred geometries, the rainbow energies, it is showing you that there is much more than what you sometimes see or feel and you are being affected by multi-dimensional energies, as are all humans, and this is a photographic reflection of this, that you are able to capture some of the multi-dimensionality of the light energies that are coming to planet earth.

Spirit Science on YouTube

If you are curious about Sacred Geometry, here is a fun video for your review.

A Message from the Eastern Shores

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I am Patricia McNair of Nova Scotia Canada. This has been an amazing couple of months becoming a member of Connecting Consciousness Canada – and then to be able to step up and become the Coordinator for NS Canada! YAY! It started out as a Spirit Driven (and will always be ) force of zooming me (literally lol) through meetings interviews gatherings and getting to know the awesome Team of Coordinators here across Canada!

I’m not sure if you know Philip our Team Leader Top Coordinator and Go to Guy.. shh don’t tell him but he is absolutely Creator’s gift to us all here in Canada. Ever since I can remember which is many life times back I have always cried out I WANT TO DO MY WORK! By seven years old in this form though, I was SOUL Tired here on this Benevolent Planet our Sacred mother Earth that I wanted to leave. My beautiful experience in calling out Spirit on it – who always calls my bluff and I love that, left me with my choice – to stay. I turned 56 years young just yesterday May 30th and I am so Blessed to Be here at this time. I am a Pure part of Source I do not live in Fear and I have and will continue to DO My Work.

Now in I am able to DO IT in Unity with so many Beautiful Beings with Connecting Consciousness. To all I have met and have not met. Thankyou for Being here We Got This.. and Thank you Creator Spirit and Mother Earth and all her glorious Kingdoms for being the best Friends a Soul could ever want.

I Love YOU!

Patricia McNair Coordinator for NS CCC

PS: wow I now have alphabet soup after my name :)

Final Thoughts

With energies swirling like a cyclone and emotions boiling like lava, we face some difficult situations that lead us to learn, listen and love more and more. We at CC Canada are blessed and grateful to be part of a worldwide network of loving and caring souls working from the heart centre to bring in the Light and hold it for all that wants, needs and seeks it. Now more than ever, our communities look to us for leadership and guidance through the storm. Offering opportunities for those to heal from the inside out is our calling. Everyone has the power to allow the healing to take place and it is up to us to provide a space and milieu that is built on respect, acceptance and compassion. We are all Healing. We are all Learning. We are all Love.

Be and Grow in Enlightenment

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Unknown member
Jun 24, 2021

New CC member. It's a great comfort to know so many Hearts are connecting in Truth.

Looking forward knowing my new soul family. Blessings x0


New CC member, wonderful to be part of the whole. Very interesting video and really helping me to start to understand. Thank you all so much.


That was a fabulous newsletter. Thanks for the link to the Sacred Geometry Movie. That was excellent and I will be re-watching it. Namaste

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