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CC Canada May 2021 Newsletter

Updated: May 10, 2021

Allowance. Now more than ever, this word has rooted itself as an anthem for not just CC Canada but for each heart across the planet. Allowing healing to occur. Allowing love to reign. Allowing ourselves to forgive. 🌺

Growing in this New Earth doesn't come without its challenges and lessons. Allowing ourselves to see, listen and feel are big steps towards creating a support network never seen before. Many new beautiful hearts have joined CC this month bringing our Canadian number to just about 3,500. 💞

A big thank you and much love to Simon and Becky for offering their time and energy with a wonderful Intimate and Interactive QnA April 18th. Roughly 280 members were in attendance and many more enjoying the replay, everyone in CC Canada is grateful for Simon's thoughtful and calming wisdom and Becky's graceful intellectual heart. ❤🙏

Our groups in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario are growing with the support and love from new coordinators joining the team expanding our reach to connect the members in this vast and magical country.

We are still seeking coordinator support for the Atlantic provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the North Territories. However, these regions are able to gather online with regular regional zooms.


New Coordinators

We are excited to welcome a couple new members to the coordinator team! As we continue to grow and expand, ever so important that we increase support and service. A couple members have stepped forward and will be adding much needed support in growing areas of the country.

Angie will be coming as the coordinator for Vancouver Island and Susan will be coming on to support the Fraser Region in BC!

We also welcome Patricia coming on as our New Nova Scotia Coordinator!

Please join me in welcoming these beautiful souls to the coordinator team! Thank you Angie, Susan and Patricia for your dedication and commitment to Connecting Consciousness here in Canada!


Around the Globe

Internationally, we continue our monthly Zoom with Germany and welcome other European countries to join. We have also scheduled upcoming gatherings with Wales and Australia very soon! Our last Canada/Germany Zoom lasted 4 hours! Everyone is craving for connection.

Connecting and Sharing

Our Zoom Interviews and Workshops offer extra opportunities for members and coordinators to connect and share ideas and experiences. We are most excited about our Divine Feminine Healing Circle which is a 5 week workshop series May into June. Our online meditation group offers a space for healing and connection focusing on raising our vibration as high as possible. CC Canada members are able to join and access these events at our website and Telegram Channel:

Zoom/In Person Gatherings

All of our gatherings and events are posted on the website. If you wish to attend or participate in these gatherings please sign up on the website. This is different then signing up for CC. If you are a current CC member, we will have you in our database and then approve your request to join the site. Members on the site get access to: News & Updates, Groups, Upcoming Events, Forums, and more!

New Member Gathering and Website & Zoom Workshop

On May 29th at 8pm EST/5pm PST,

we welcome new members to a presentation on “What it Means to Be a CC Member” and those who would like to know more about the website and how to navigate that and zoom.

When: May 29, 2021 8:00 PM EST/5pm PST

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Project Proposals

We are excited to announce and launch our Project Proposal Form! This preliminary Project Development Proposal will help us with a baseline understanding of where we're starting from, what your vision is, and how we can be part of that. This can be accessed on the CC Canada website. You have to be a CC member and registered on the website to access it. Here is the direct link:

Volunteer Skills Form

(Coming Soon Next Week!)

This form will help build the Quantum Network of Spiritual Healing and Humanitarian Services. There are so many ways you can contribute your skills and expertise to the community locally and nationally.



Thank you all who have shown your love and support through donation! Together, we can build and create the unity we want here in Canada and the world. Every little bit helps so we can cover costs of Zoom and the website. Your support made it possible to have as many CC Canada members join our Intimate and Interactive with Simon and Becky and as we continue to grow and expand, so will our gatherings and opportunities to connect. We have made this process more accessible by now having the option to offer support by using your debit card, and not just PayPal. If you are feeling the call to help, you can here:


April Interviews

Over the course of April we were blessed to have so many wonderful special guests! These replays are available on our YouTube Channel:

If you are an experiencer or would like an opportunity to share your story with the group, we are always looking for CC Canada members to have on our Zoom Gatherings as special guests. We have a group of extraordinary people from coast to coast. Let us gather and support each other in sharing our experiences and wisdom so we all may connect and raise the vibration to the highest level possible.


Raising Vibration

Now more than ever we must not give into the noise and distractions of the old world. It can be difficult as we are all on a journey of exploration, healing and innerstanding and we crave knowledge and information. Going inwardly is so imperative so we may listen to our heart and higher self to make sense of all the distortions. This is not new but some of us may forget how to do so. It seems easy but ever so challenging as we calm and still our minds to get into alignment with ourselves. We must create the world we want from within. If we are giving our energy and attention to others, we create their reality. Not ours.

There are many ways to practice this and it must be a daily commitment to be kind to yourself and kind to others. It is as simple as quiet meditation, cooking, gardening, music, art and anything that brings us that transcendent bliss. One CC Canada member has been working hard at creating opportunities for healing and raising our frequency through Art Meditation. Larry from “Conscious Evolution Art” has made some wonderful pieces and would like to share them with you!

“The purpose of Conscious Evolution Art is to present concepts created with focused intentionality to encourage dialogue, both internal and external, of a metaphysical and healing nature, thus assisting in raising the vibrational frequency of the participants.

The Universe, the Earth and all Humanity is experiencing extraordinary energetic changes. We are in a spiritual war and our goal should be to raise our cosmic consciousness by whatever means we individually find appropriate.”

- Larry Delf


This artwork creates emotional healing. Seth says that when you are in its presence you

could feel “extraordinary emotional release that will be finite, that will be complete.” An

emotional healing that will be a catalyst for your personal energetic shift.

‘Ascension’ by artist Larry Delf, is a creative expression that is therapy, it is a creative

expression that is a manifestation of his soul, and a creative expression made possible

through his connection to Source.

‘Ascension’ incorporates powerful tools. The Merkaba, DNA and numerology are all

incorporated into the work.

The Merkaba is one of the universe’s most important ancient sacred geometric symbols.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit or energy body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light,

or spirals of energy (as with a strand of DNA), which transport spirit or consciousness from

one dimension to another. It is believed that with practice, using the energy and shape

visualization of a Merkaba, you can activate an energy field around you which is capable

of carrying your consciousness directly to higher realms (as quoted from YouTube). I

encourage you to do some of your own research on this.

There are a total of 66 Merkabas in the artwork - 11 large, 22 medium, and 33 small

versions. A total of 33 are in gold. The remaining 33 are engraved in the background.

There are 2 strands of DNA. All are important numbers.

Ascension is most closely aligned with our fifth chakra. According to “To be

open and aligned in the fifth chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher

form of communication. Faith and understanding combine the essence of Vishuddha chakra meaning. The element corresponding to the fifth chakra is ether or space, and the

sense of hearing”.

Referencing The Map of Consciousness as developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins and the

Institute for Spiritual Research - this art calibrates over 350. This level is consistent with

‘Transcendence’ in the Process category. You are encouraged to research Dr. Hawkins’


Please meditate into Ascension, stay present and become one with it. Consciousness can

change DNA; art can change consciousness; ergo, art can change DNA.

Larry Delf, G.Z.O.


Co-Creating Conscious Evolution | The Heart of Change | One Person at a Time

Ascension Art >< Planetary Change

Encouraging global co-creative conscious evolution by raising resonant frequency through ART

Akashic Records Information for ‘Ascension’

by Natasha Mott

This artwork is both neurologically and astrologically prepared to help those who would

like to ascend, to do so.

Whether one is at the beginning of the Ascension journey or further along, we all know

that the journey never ends and there’s always space for growth and expansion. This art

will enable all those that choose to jump onto the journey of Ascension to access the code

that is embedded within this work. This artwork meets the person where they are at and

opens gateways to reaching other planes of existence and realities.

‘Ascension’ assists the viewer in shedding blocks of resistance to their personal Ascension

and expansion. This modality is a gentle modality for opening up the gateways to different

realms and realities, so to speak.

Now how does it work? Each Merkaba has a code and each Merkaba is a gateway to a

different dimension or timeline. It covers three aspects of release and will allow for either

release or integration to allow for expansion. The three aspects are physical [66], mental

[33] and emotional [11]. Depending on what needs to be released, activated or enhanced,

the person is drawn to a specific Merkaba in the painting. It then becomes a gateway that

will be open to allow for its individual Ascension process. For those well on their way to

the path of Ascension, these gateways will lead to a very different reality and timeline and

will become a portal to a different dimension. Play, have fun and explore it.


Final Thoughts

Now more than ever is the time to connect and share on a level that transcends this time and space. Thank you everyone for your patience and allowance to see the New Earth grow here in Canada. Community cultivation is a keystone in the new paradigm structures that will create supporting and loving energy outwardly into absolute manifestation.

We are truly a special group of people seeing beyond the noise and notifications. It isn't easy. To be determined day in and day out can be an exhausting foot race. Leaning on and supporting each other and those that look to us for support is ultimately our strength and when unified, we are all powerful and invincible.

CC Canada is growing like a beautiful enchanted forest. With 3,500 beautiful souls coast to coast, our coordinators work daily to provide support and love the members in their regions but not all regions have that support. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and most Atlantic provinces do not have coordinators yet. We are working hard to support and help organize CC in Canada for the New Earth systems coming into view.

Love and Blessings of the highest vibration from the Heart to the Stars!

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