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CC Canada October 2021 Newsletter

Perseverance. This word rings true to the dedication and grit displayed by coordinators and members alike over the past month. CC Canada was tested like never before as we faced challenges that seemed overwhelming and formidable. The caterpillar also preserves in the face of adversity. With patience and some help from the universe, after a number of days, the caterpillar frees itself from their chrysalis or cocoon and emerges as the beautiful butterfly ready for the next adventure. If they're in really harsh places like deserts, some will stay in their temporary houses for up to three years waiting for rain or good conditions! The lesson of the caterpillar’s journey is never old. It holds true to the values and vision of Connecting Consciousness and reminds all of us that we have the courage to stand in our truth and allows space for us to morph and adapt within our ever changing environments to be the best versions of ourselves and to reach our highest potential. The sky's the limit.


Coordinator Team Announcements

It is an exciting time in Connecting Consciousness as we have seen some moves internationally as well as here at home. We now have continental coordinators for Europe (Anita - Ireland), Africa (Viv - South Africa), Asia (Jo-Anne - Australia), Oceania (Jo-Anne - Australia), South America (Johanna - Argentina), 2 for North America (Graham - US, Philip - Canada) and even Antarctica (Leigh - New Zealand)! In Canada, the provinces yet to see a coordinator step forward are Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, and Newfoundland & Labrador. We remain vigilant and dedicated to supporting these areas and are hopeful that the right member will present themselves in divine timing. Check out the Coordinator Directory page for the full coordinator list in Canada!


CC Canada Projects

After months of setting up the website to allow members to submit a project proposal, we finally stand at the precipice of making history and taking steps towards building the new earth as a collective in harmony.

The energy was enigmatic on the 14th as the Project Proposal team gathered together with the experts to run through the planned invite-only Orientation Event for project writers. You could sense everyone understanding the important role they carried in manifesting what we have built and embracing the moment just before it is released to the world for creation. We left the meeting charged and enthusiastic for the Sept 21 event.

On Sept 21, the day we brought together all the experts and the project proposal writers together in a zoom session, it was magical. We scheduled a 3 hour event with 2 breaks. Almost 60 were in attendance.

We started with a protection prayer and settled into the energies among the group. No one left their seat or felt bored. They were engaged through the whole session and eager to know about the project, to see if there is an opportunity for collaboration. The event was extremely well received. Our team looks forward to working with them over the next 3 months to articulate a well drafted plan.

If you have a project idea, please check out the Project Proposal Page under "Get Involved" for more information on submitting your project idea!


Zoom/In Person Fall Schedule

We've added a new feature to the Upcoming Events Page! You can now find a printable calendar with all CC Canada events for October! This will be posted at the start of each month.

This September saw the launch of our new Fall 2021 schedule as well as the return of our weekly Meditation Group Sessions! With almost 200 events planned (Zoom & In Person) until the new calendar year, there are more opportunities than ever for the almost 5,000 strong to connect, share and grow within Connecting Consciousness Canada. It is all thanks to our committed coordinators and Small Group Leaders to provide the time and space for members to find their voice, their clan, their heart.


Special Support Groups

Now more than ever it is important to gather in support of each other pertaining to our areas of need and interest. Creating spaces for everyone that are safe, nurturing and compassionate is something Connecting Consciousness does worldwide. Big thank you to all involved in helping make this a reality for the members craving these communities built on love, trust and unity.

Networks and Community

The CC Canada website and Telegram Channel continues to offer the members a central hub of information and connection. As we move forward, we are excited to announce the creation of a new International CC Platform & Forum! Stay tuned for more on this new tool to connect with Connecting Consciousness members around the globe!


Simon’s Update

Notes from the International Coordinators Meeting 24th September 2021

Special Guest: Charlie Ward

We still need to protect the public as we move from darkness into light. It will take time. We will still be fighting elements of the Black Hats who will still be hanging on. Therefore, Police Services and other structures will still be required, to ensure public safety. Each Country will be looked at differently as they each have different levels of corruption, and each will have different requirements to step into 5D. CC members need to remain calm and to stay away from 3D fixation on structures and fear. Current systems will come down.

Man of God Documents

The caliber of the documents had been questioned. There were some difficulties given that different ‘types’ of English is spoken around the world. Charlie requested that if the documents didn’t resonate with you – to please put them to one side and to continue being your sovereign self.

Charlie said the new city designs were questioned by some people. The first one proposed was for Vietnam, these cities were primarily focused on countries where there is serious poverty. With cities such as these it would be a great step forward in getting people off the street, food in their stomachs and a sense of safety introduced – something that was lacking for them. It is difficult for us due to our standard of living to imagine living in the slums of these countries. Something quickly needs to be provided for these people. These Smart Cities are not an Agenda 21.

Schooling was also questioned in the new framework. Children and parents are currently programmed – so this will need to be addressed. There may be a need to offer children a system of schooling (initially – to break the pattern) that is less impacted by parental programming. This is unlikely to apply to parents who are already awake.

Bullion Exchange Bank will be in every country to handle money and crypto. A place where people can go and exchange Cryptos to money. The issue of money will cease to exist. People will be reimbursed for what they have illegally had to pay in taxes.

Other comments from Simon and Charlie: It is really important for CC Coordinators to hold safe space for our members as these changes move ahead. CC and Charlie’s memberships are growing rapidly - this is indicating that consciousness is also growing. CC members will in the future be asked to be on Boards of Directors as their input will be valuable to many organizations going forward into the New Earth. The QFS is all about energy that is connected to truth and is incorruptible “The Florida Government” saw that CC had this energy and that is why it is the only spiritual group that has been chosen to be part of the massive change coming to the world.

Debt ceiling in the US: Without the Bill passing in the US their government actually grinds to a halt – it is a very different process to Australia/UK. If the Bill is not passed their will be no funds to pay anyone – including Public Servants. The money needs to be approved to stop foreclosures. As we know the Federal Reserve doesn’t exist anymore and it can’t print money, there may be a ‘deal’ with the QFS to allow the country to continue to run.

As we also know Australia, New Zealand and Canada are no longer part of the Commonwealth. It is likely a referendum will take place in the future and Australia could well become the 52nd state of the USA.

AUKUS alliance AUKUS alliance was aimed at the CCP, it was also a nod to the transfer of Australia from the UK to the US. US/AUS troops may already know that they could be doing Marshall Law/humanitarian food distribution etc. Australia still has the presence of the Cabal. Once Australia is sorted out NZ will follow quickly after.


Q. Is light language allowed in our meetings?

A. Not all Light language is equal. It can be transmitted in many ways. About 90% of light language is hacked. So, at this stage, No. When we get into 5D then it will be Ok. For now, it is still hacked, and unfortunately it is not easily discernable.

Also, as a side point Simon mentioned that there is panic buying in Britain at the moment systems are looking like they are starting to collapse. Please stock up on items you need now.

Q. Med beds – can medical specialists give their experience?

A. Simon suggested that they fill in the Questionnaire form (available soon) and list their skills. Finland will get Med Beds, and it will be good to have medical people involved.

Q. What will the transition period be like – will Common Law be applied globally? What will become of Country specific laws, for example China.

A. All legal systems will need to be overhauled, for example judges, police etc. In some countries this could take a couple of years or more. Communist parties will need to be removed but it will be done. The expected transition for most Countries will be 3-6 months.

Q. Things keep getting stricter, and Austria doesn’t seem to get much attention.

A. Austria is surrounded by very powerful countries, which has taken the focus from them. What happens in Germany will happen in Austria. Austria will experience change very quickly

Q. Asked Simon to comment on his country.

A. Countries like Norway may find the transition difficult as they are in very comfortable circumstances compared to other countries. Countries that have had disasters will be more motivated to change.

Also, Norway has been propped up by Cabal money, which will make it harder for them to change. Norway has the seed bank (The Cabals Noah’s Ark)– which is also an indication that Norway was to play a role in the Cabals planned ‘future’

Q. Why did Modi meet with Biden? I thought Modi was a White Hat?

A. Modi is a member of the Alliance, he met with Biden to put pressure on Pakistan. It is all theatre.

Q. There have been reports of power going down in Portugal, is this true?

A. In reference to 10 days of darkness it is more likely to be 10 days of no communication. Not 3 weeks without the internet – more likely 3 days and perhaps 7 days of no internet. The electricity outage will likely be a transference away from the electric grid to the 10 Tesla towers that have already been built underground over the past 15 years. So, when the grid goes down the Tesla towers will take over. This change is especially important as lower 4th entities and demonic entities use electrical wires to travel.

There will be 7 Presidential messages over 3 days. Phones will go down for around 7 days. TV will receive 5 days of updates from trusted sources. This will only happen if MSM do not ‘play ball’. The preferred process will be that the MSM will participate as the majority of people are still asleep and believe everything they hear from MSM. Using the EBS will be problematic, the public may perceive this as a coup by Trump/Military. This will not happen in every country simultaneously, and not even each state of a country at the same time.


CC Poetry

The heart is leading the way

As our world begins to fray

A thread of dark bleeds light

As the Schuman spikes in sight

Lightworkers have begun

Connecting consciousness as one

Shining light where dark remains

Removing bitter evil stains

Meditation leads the way

Our goal is not to stray

Surrounding ebb and flow

Heart leading, LOVE in tow

By Jacqueline Denis (Ontario North Coordinator)


Final Thoughts

As we leave the warm months behind us and embrace a season of change, we continue to face challenges within and in our surrounding environments which puts our faith to the test. How can we remain resolved in our principles and intuition? As the storm rages on, the lighthouse is a constant beacon of safety and security. Being the light through the wind and the darkness and the rain is a difficult task and a component to practicing stillness, calmness, and reflection. As we hold the light together, as we stand firm like the beacon at the edge of the angry seas, remember that we cut through any darkness, any storm, any challenge. Shine your light this month brighter then any star and know we are not shining alone.

Much Love & Gratitude to everyone in the Connecting Consciousness Family

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Linda Venema
Linda Venema
Oct 26, 2021

Thank you ♡ I am so happy to be part of this group Xo♡


Linda Obermaier
Linda Obermaier
Oct 02, 2021

I was raised by a displaced person who lost everything in the 2nd world war and an idealist who thought that life would be much better in Canada, I have been aware my entire life and have always been prepared knowing how life can change in a flash. My Mom spent 5 years (from 16 to 21) in a work camp making bricks (the people there did not have any idea what to do with them and there was very little food), my grand father was shot in the town square along with all the other town's leading men and the older people were shipped to starvations camps where my grand mother died. Are we Jewish - NO - t…

Unknown member
Oct 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for sharing your story Linda. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.


Unknown member
Oct 01, 2021

This was very helpful and uplifting. Thank you so much and very glad to be part of Connecting Consciousness. ♥

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