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Fully exposing the American Nation's darkest secrets, the NESSUS-ORCUS-URANUS configuration

As we speak there are tremendous changes taking place on all levels, personally and collectively. However for the most part – in order to guarantee the incredible mission we’re on to succeed, these shifts aren’t fully visible as of yet. This isn’t at all surprising considering what phase we're at in this war, most particularly so as planet Neptune has been extremely dominant.

We’re surrounded by smokescreens left and right, false narratives and distractions, all for the sake of generating confusion which is the present modus operandi for both the sides, the dark and the light.

It will help to realize, within this final epic battle of good against evil, March 2021 will be month number 11 of 13, as we’re edging towards complete exposure, the ultimate ousting and final takedown of the deep state.

This perception – which so far has been very accurate - is based on a timeline given by the NINE (see link below) who were predicting that we would have to be patient, that there would be no final clarity before the end of May 2021.

It’s very important to realize, this wonderful collective transformation that’s well under way only has become possible, be carried through and further amplified because of the countless individuals who have and who are in the process of waking up. What we’re seeing quite literally is a tsunami of consciousness sweeping away low frequency reality, removing old structures that are no longer in sync with this emerging higher frequency band.

Now as we're celebrating the Virgo Full Moon of FEB 27, which as you can see most powerfully activates the American nation’s natal chart, most particularly so the nation's natal NESSUS-ORCUS opposition that is T-squared by URANUS – the latter being Aquarius’ ruler, nonetheless, one of the most relentless agents of change right now! Centaur planet NESSUS in a nutshell represents the deep state, or more particularly any kind of pathological behavior and abuse. ORCUS, in Pluto’s family, signifies ritual and alchemy, and the profound process of imbibing and energetically merging with any experience - a combination of energies which spans the entire spectrum from satanic ritual abuse all the way to its ultimate alchemical transformation.

So as I've pointed out repeatedly, once again Orcus [ritual] is opposing Nessus [abuse]. Hence no wonder this issue has surfaced so prominently and gained so much traction in our present times. And because these two minor planets are moving very slowly this opposition is within close orb between 2018-2022.

Now as the American nation's natal URANUS is at this complex opposition's handle it's quite amazing to see how 2021's great activation of Aquarius – to have this Pandora's box to fully break open. So I guess it's not at all a big stretch to expect today's Full Moon to set off some huge blasts of disclosure! A controlled blast, the fuse of which has been lit quite a while ago, a move so important we’ve been prepared for in increments since September 2016. Finally it seems the universe deems us to be ready for the great reveal, something that is absolutely necessary to overcome darkness, something that cannot be avoided as it will unite all of us, unveiling this monster, bringing us all up to speed, uniting us in our love and care for our children, so these dark entities will be brought to justice and ultimately banned from planet Earth, once and for all.

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