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Spiritual Topic for June-July 2023 - Do We Come from the Stars?

Updated: Mar 27

Do We Come From The Stars?


We are now 18 months into the Monthly Spiritual Topics. Over the last few weeks, the membership of Connecting Consciousness has increased by 10% with the intake of over 11,000 new members. Given this, we appreciate that we may be introducing new and controversial topics to a brand-new audience, and this particular challenge will fall into the care of our Coordinators who work directly with our membership group.

As a reminder to Coordinators and members, prior foundational spiritual topics can be found in the Spiritual Training Course on Mighty Networks, and Coordinators can also access all documents in Coordinator Resources in the Knowledge Base. In our prior topics we’ve focused on self-work and enhancing one’s relationship with their Higher / Divine Self and God / Source. We started with inner work and moved to creativity and creation. Thus far, we have focused a great deal on our own spiritual development (honouring emotions, healing traumas, shadow work, ego and authenticity, etc.)

Now, we will take a break from this, and for the next few topics we will look at our surroundings, our origins, our souls, and other exciting topics. Some of these may be controversial, especially when concepts presented may not fully align with one’s background, education, experiences, and beliefs.

Please keep an open mind and consider these as new ideas for consideration and exploration. Moving onto this month’s topic... Have you ever looked up at the night sky, gazed at billions of twinkling stars, and pondered who else is out there? Or perhaps you’ve wondered if your family is up there blinking love and messages to you? Or, maybe you’ve seen something strange in the skies and speculated whether it was a UFO. In this topic, we are not talking about aliens (Extra-terrestrial, ETs) as it has perhaps been presented to us through movies, books, and other scary tales. Instead, we are taking the approach that maybe we are more closely related to ETs than what has been presented.

When speaking with worldwide Coordinators in a recent meeting, we are well aware and mindful of the fact that our members from different regions around the world have widely differing backgrounds and views on this topic. It’s absolutely fine to have these widely differing views. We are all unique individuals with our own histories, backgrounds, and experiences. We recognize for some these topics will feel like quantum leaps, whereas for others they are already there!

Everything is about an individual human being’s relationship with one’s self and one’s surrounding. We’ve explored the ‘self’, and in this Overview and Deep Dive we will further explore our surroundings and our soul history. Most of us have been told ‘we’re the only ones’, meaning no sentient life exists outside of Earth. We believe this mindset was part of an intentional narrative to keep us small and separated from the rest of the universe.

Perhaps now it is time for humanity to consider the idea that there are other life forms out there, many with advanced consciousness, and that we are more connected to extra-terrestrials (ETs) than we ever imagined. Everything we see, including all sentient life, was created by God / Source / The Creator. The world as we experience it with our five senses is in the 3rd dimension. We also see the moon, sun, and stars as 3D objects. But interposed on the world and other planets and galaxies within the multiverse are different dimensions which are all interconnected a bit like tuning to different channels on one’s TV or radio. All of the channels are there but we only experience one at a time depending on what we are tuned into. Occasionally, we experience interference on TV and radio where two channels flicker in and out of each other. This can happen with our interdimensional reality as well.

Let us explore these ideas from different angles, starting with some data. Research shows that there are up to 10 billion planets just in our small galaxy that could be habitable, and there are billions, maybe even trillions, of other galaxies in the universe. Business Insider India indicates there are 5 to 10 billion planets just in our small galaxy that could support liquid water, which in turn, could make them habitable to sentient life.

These statistics are based on results from NASA’s Kepler Telescope and a simulated comparison study with European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft. (1) Modern science has detected water in meteorites from Mars, so we know there was (or is) water on Mars.

According to, “Conservative estimates assert that the observable universe may contain as many as 5,300,000,000,000 habitable worlds—that's 5.3 trillion planets that might contain life. Of course, not all of these necessarily have the ability to contain life ‘as we know it,’ but they may harbor life ‘as we don't know it.’ ” (2)

This data differs from what most of us have been taught, and yet when we review these numbers (and / or look at other research that is readily available), logic suggests something completely different. Based on this data, it’s hard to believe that we are the only ones. This data points to a very high probability that life exists outside of Earth. Some people don’t want to consider other life forms because it doesn’t align with their religious beliefs, and of course, we accept this.

This may be because many religions don’t talk about our star families, perhaps because it’s not taught in theology schools. And yet, going back to our statistic, we have to wonder why God would choose just Earth to create life out of the 5 to 10 billion planets in our galaxy that could be habitable?

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a school of thought that suggests humans come from the stars. Edgar Cayce, a devout Christian and well-known American clairvoyant, touched on this topic in one of his readings, “As in the earth we find the elements are peopled, as the earth has its own moon or satellites enjoined in its environ, so is it with the other planets. The earth with its threefourths water, with its elements, is peopled; yes. So are the various activities in other solar systems.” (Cayce Reading 541-1.) (3) Cayce helped thousands of clients by channeling healing remedies and past life information, and he was also known for connecting with the Arcturians. He called Arcturus, “one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy,” and mentioned them 30 times in his readings. (4)

We just may be from the stars, starseed humans, ancient aliens... Early myths and legends suggest that ‘gods’ came from other planets and seeded life on Mother Earth and that the genetic material on our planet came from other planets. Zacharia Sitchin has done extensive research on this, including a comprehensive review of the Sumerian tablets which describe a Garden of Eden like event where the Anunnaki ‘gods’ took their own DNA and mixed it with early-man DNA from Earth. In the book Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity, author M.J. Evans, longtime Sitchin friend and colleague, provides an in-depth analysis of Sitchin’s revelations about the Anunnaki.

She explores the genesis of Sitchin’s interest in the Nefilim, the leaders of the Anunnaki, examines Sitchin’s research into the Nefilim family tree, the Anunnaki’s arrival on Earth to mine gold to repair the atmosphere on their planet, Nibiru, and their creation of modern humans as workers for their mines and to build their civilization on Earth. (5)

But what about evolution? Sitchin believes our origins are not derived of an either-or scenario but the product of both evolution and creation. To this end, Sitchin points to a flaw in the theory of evolution—while evolution has occurred, there has not been adequate time for the change that differentiates primitive beings from the modern human species. In Charles Darwin's book, The Evolution of Species, there was no reference to his co-worker, Wallace, who disagreed with Darwin, saying that while he agreed with Darwin's theories in the ‘lesser animals’, he did not accept the same ran true for humans. “If brain size is compared in the fossil records for Homo Habilis at 2 million years ago, and Homo Ergaster at 1.85 million years ago, the increase in brain size far outstrips the approximate 150,000 years evolution.

Big questions remain. Also, the evolution from Homo Ergaster to Homo Sapiens, which is nigh on 1.65 million years, is not enough time to have seen the transference between the two human species. Outside of the official university teachings, many scientists privately accept that something in the order of 5 million years would have been required to make us the people we are today. This does beg the question, “What external manipulation may have taken place to so truncate this time span?” Furthermore, it is well known among the anthropologist community that there is a ‘missing link’ later on in the evolution of humankind on Earth, from Neanderthal (70,000-25,000 years ago) to true humans (Homo Sapiens sapiens).

It's very difficult to tell exactly which family tree Homo Sapiens sprang from. So Sitchin’s answer is one possibility. Another possibility is a direct intervention from God.”—Simon Parkes. The origins of the human species is one of the most profound questions of all times. It’s a topic that has been extensively studied by scientists, anthropologists, theologians, and others and has prompted many heated debates.

What do you you believe in evolution, creation, or like Sitchin, both?

Did our original journey to Earth begin from the stars?

Do we have galactic origins, both genetically and as souls?

Are we extra-terrestrial beings having a human experience on a planet called Earth?

If you would like to research this topic further, a great source is Zacharia Sitchin's book, The 12th Planet: Book 1 of the Earth Chronicles. (6) Some people have strong experiences when gazing at the stars. Some feel a deep connection or a deep longing, while others feel a strong sense of love and support. Some people feel like they are receiving downloads, guidance, and healing from the stars.

Could it be possible that we once lived on Pleiades or Arcturus, Sirius or Andromeda, Lyra or Venus, or one of the other billion-plus stars in our universe? It is said that many of our star families are near Earth now, holding love and light and offering high frequencies for Mother Earth and us, along with positive intentions for the highest good of all.

Discussion Questions

  1. Does the topic of extra-terrestrials (star families) excite your mind, or does it make you feel uncomfortable?

  2. What are your thoughts on the origin of humans...God / Source, Evolution, ETs, or some combination?

  3. Do you think we have galactic origins, both genetically and as souls?

  4. Do you have any star family information, research, or stories you would like to share?


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