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New Nova Scotia Coordinator

We are excited to welcome a new member to the coordinator team! As we continue to grow and expand, ever so important that we increase support and service. Thank you Patricia for your dedication and commitment to CC Nova Scotia!

Patricia -

Hi there , awesome to meet you!

I AM Patricia McNair (Trish) originally from Nova Scotia Canada – I’ve traveled the World on a shoestring and then Divinely Guided to return and live in Nova Scotia again.

All my life I have Consciously walked with Divine Guidance, asking to Do My Work!

Many of the hats that Spirit has asked me to wear along my journey have not always been shall we say the right FIT - some hurt deeply and some brought the pure Bliss of KNOWING ~ WOW this is how WE are to truly experience being Whole and ALIVE!

I am honored to be a part of Connecting Conscious and very excited to BE in Service at this Amazing time to be in Form on this Sacred Planet.

Personally, there is a KNOWING that radiates in my Soul and Body that I have truly been prepared for this and I am more than ready to step into this Journey with you ALL.

Thank you in advance for all that I will also learn, remember and experience with ALL of you.

May the Creator Set ME into Divine Action and Motion NOW!

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