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New Ontario Coordinator

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

We are excited to welcome a new member to the coordinator team! As we continue to grow and expand, ever so important that we increase support and service. Lucy has stepped forward and will be adding much needed support in growing areas of the country.

Lucy -

More about Lucy

Lucy is an artist and designer, with a love for the arts, sports, and travel that connect and engage people with each other. She is a global specialist for events and conferences, and professional conference organizer for global Associations, corporate and leisure clients; a certified specialist in wellness tourism, and focuses on medical tourism, leisure and sports tourism. These platforms allow her to advocate on impact investment benefiting communities while preserving the fragile ecosystems we are drawn to visit.

Since the late 90’s she’s been focused on empowering disadvantaged children and youth in developing regions and urban centers with International experts sharing the same vision, developing plans for various healing centres, children’s learning environments, and platforms for engagement to eradicate negative impacts to the wellbeing of humanity, as caretakers of this planet.

Through her client The Institute for Life Sciences Collaboration (ILSC) related sub orgs, and their global medical communities she continues to facilitate opportunities to expand knowledge and diagnostics in Nutraceuticals to address root causes through healing health practices, and legacy initiatives to reintroduce indigenous plants to countries as medicine to steer our health culture towards eradicating disease rather than managing and treating its conditions.

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