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Spiritual Topic for November 2021 - Heart-Centered Living

Updated: Mar 31

Heart-Centered Living

From a young age, we are taught to respond to the world using our minds and not our hearts. While our mind is a beautiful gift, it is through our spiritual heart that we find truth, wisdom, and connection with our Divine Self. In every moment we have a choice — to live from the head or live from the heart — to live unconsciously on autopilot or to live from conscious awareness.

Imagine if all of humanity shifted from making logical mind-based choices to using their intuition and making heart-based choices. In a heartbeat, the world would change for the better. We would transcend fear-based programming and our mind’s limited conditioning. Divine love is expressing itself through us whenever we allow it.

When we live from our heart center, we tap into this unwavering, unconditional, unbounded love and we share our love and light with others. 

Discussion Questions:

  • What is your experience of living from your heart center—is it easy, hard, or a work in progress —and why do you think that is?

  • What strategies do you use to return to the heart when you become aware that you are responding on autopilot or from a reactionary mode?

  • What does it mean to use your heart when listening to and communicating with others? How does this differ from other communication styles?

  • What experiences have you had when you’ve made choices or acted using your intuition instead of logic, and what was the result?

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