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Spiritual Topic for August 2022 - Sovereignty & Stepping out of the Matrix

Updated: Mar 29

Sovereignty & Stepping out of the Matrix


Sovereignty is our birthright, but we have been led to believe we are controlled. This can be due to naivety—we believe what we are told, especially when it is presented as ‘this will be good for you,’’—or due to our acquiescence because we expect institutions to have the same ethics and integrity that we do. We expect others to be good people because we are good people. All of this makes us complicit as our sovereignty is undermined.

However, as sovereign beings, we have a choice. These days, many of us are recognizing ourselves as men and women from a common Earth, as sovereign beings from both a physical and spiritual perspective.

When looking up the definition of sovereignty, most sources refer to the authority of state, country and parliaments. Britannica defines sovereignty as, “…the ultimate overseer, or authority, in the decision-making process of the state and in the maintenance of order,” and Oxford Reference as the “Supreme authority in a state... having the ultimate authority to impose law on everyone else in the state and the power to alter any pre-existing law.” This is not sovereignty in the way we are presenting it. These definitions and many others are inverted. They indicate sovereignty is the ability to control everyone and everything from the top. This would suggest that the controllers are sovereign and the rest of us are controlled.

US President Donald Trump offers a better definition. “Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived, democracy has ever endured, or peace has ever prospered,” Trump said in a speech to the UN General Assembly in September 2018. “And so, we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all.”

John Fonte, an expert in Culture and Society Immigration International Organizations at Hudson Institute, says sovereignty “comes down to two words: Who rules? Is it the people? Is it a foreign power? That’s what the president is saying when he’s talking about sovereignty. He’s talking about people ruling—and each nation ruling—themselves.”

We are all individual sovereign human beings and we need to begin thinking of ourselves as sovereign in our own right. Being sovereign means many things—assuming responsibility for your life experience, empowering yourself to make choices that are for the highest good of yourself and those you are responsible for (for example, your children), claiming your own authentic* path and living in alignment with your Higher (Divine) Self. It’s about recognizing one’s place in humanity, taking responsibility and helping others to do the same.

As we discover we are sovereign and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions on an individual level, we also discover that our decisions affect not only us and those we directly interact with, but also our environment, ancestors, the human collective, our star families and beyond.

Laura Eisenhower offers an Invocation and Sovereignty Prayer that provides a beautiful recap of what it means to be a sovereign being. See the Worksheet for the link to this prayer.

Part of being sovereign is stepping out of the matrix and finding different ways of doing things that allow us to be more in control. One example is refusing to wear masks during lock downs. Another example is finding ways of legally accessing free gas, electricity and water; growing one’s own food and living off the soil.

Sovereignty is about accepting responsibility and taking control of one’s life. Until then we live parasitically off the Earth, we don’t know what we are fully capable of, and don’t truly appreciate our place in a much bigger picture. Until we move out of the matrix, we are like children, reliant upon others and not truly independent. For most, our desire is to become an adult sovereign being, independent and self-sufficient in a way that is in harmony with common law, the rest of humanity and Mother Earth, and also learning to live energetically in balance with the galaxy and beyond. 

In order to step out of the matrix, we must first understand what the matrix is—a controlled system that the controllers have imposed upon the rest of us. This has been done in a way so that the vast majority of people cannot see that it is a controlled system.

The matrix was created by the few (Cabal/Elite/Other Controllers) who live off of humanity. They have created many ways of doing this. Some examples are provided below (note that this is not a comprehensive list:)

  • Pharmaceuticals that on occasion produce side effects that require additional pharmaceuticals

  • Limited medical and wellness options that on occasion make us less healthy and more dependent on the system

  • Mind control (TV, fake news, social media bogus accounts/bots)

  • Laws and political control

  • GMO foods and pesticides

  • Whole debt slavery

  • Fiat banking / corrupt financial systems

  • Fluoride, chlorine and other toxins in drinking water

  • Toxins in common household cleaning products

  • Chemtrails that poison our air

  • EMF radiation

  • Education and propagandizing our children into the matrix narrative

  • Entertainment that incorporates satanic symbolism and subliminal messaging

  • Creating divisions in multiple ways—sex, color, religion, class, financial status, political views, sporting teams, meat or vegan diet, etc.

  • Frequency of music changed from its natural harmonic resonance, for example, from the olden day solfeggio scale, or from the tuning of musical note A = 432hz, to the current consciousness suppressing 440hz

  • Attacks from MSM (Main Stream Media) to encourage un-awakened people to turn against the awakened for their choices such as the decision not to vaccinate

Some of the practices listed above have been imposed on us without our resistance. We’ve been indoctrinated into or have made agreements for accepting other methods. All of these have been created to dumb down our population and make us sick because an unhealthy, dumbed-down population is easier to deceive, brainwash, manipulate, and coerce into acquiescing.

In the matrix, people live programmed lives based on old paradigms and narratives that have been streamed to us through media, education, government and other organized systems. We live very controlled lives where we are told what we can and cannot do, what to think, and how to act. How many times have you heard the phrase, “All you need to know…” as if we cannot (and should not) think for ourselves?

The matrix exists because we have given it our consent by blindly doing as we are told and engaging in / accepting the practices the Controllers have established. Many people like to live within a structure where they feel comfortable and have ways to be rewarded, and it can be challenging to move our conditioned selves out of our comfort zones.

So, we lived inside the matrix because we had bought into the narratives others had given to us; we were fearful, we had given away our power, we had forgotten who we were. Now more and more people are awakening, recognizing the matrix for what it is and moving away from it. These people choose to reject the matrix, saying no to its mind control techniques and limitations, and choosing to live a more natural life where one takes responsibility for themselves and how they live.

People step out of the matrix for different reasons and how one moves out of the matrix differs from person to person. Some people want to step out because they can’t bear the control and they become travelers, drifting from place to place. Others move to a remote location to live off the grid, completely opting out of the rest of humanity. These methods worked when there was little hope of changing the system in which we lived.

However, humanity is now on the precipice of a quantum leap where we will have the opportunity to step out of the control system and recognize our personal freedom and sovereignty. As we awaken and discover our freedom, we want to help others awaken. Humanity needs to move forward in sovereignty so every sovereign being has everything they need to live a fulfilling life on Earth, in harmony with others and the environment around them.

All of the monthly topics we’ve covered up to this point are important in developing and understanding sovereignty, its benefits and why we want to move in this direction. These topics include: Heart-Centered Living; Thriving Through the Holidays (Helping Others, Setting Personal Boundaries, Standing in One’s Truth;) Empathy & Compassion; Raising Your Vibration; Honoring Emotions & Vibrations; Intuition & Discernment; Spirituality; and Judgement & Forgiveness. If you review (or re-review) these topics and work through them, you will develop yourself as a sovereign, spiritual human being with a strengthened connection with your Divine Self / God / Source.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”—Carl Jung

*Being authentic is about recognizing who and what you are, and who and what you are not. Being authentic is also working toward and aligning with who and what you are. We will discuss authenticity in a future topic.

Discussion Questions

  • What does being sovereign mean for you?

  • How did you wake up to the “matrix?”

  • Do you feel that you have a passion or gift for changing a particular part of the controlled system in which we have been raised?

  • How can we free ourselves from social conditioning (how can we reprogram our minds?)

  • How can we realize that our true power is within?

  • How can we stand in our truth?

A Deeper Dive: 

The Collective Impact of Embracing Your Personal Sovereignty 


As we discover we are sovereign and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions on an individual level, we also discover that our decisions affect not only us, but also our environment, ancestors, the human collective, our star families and beyond.

At an individual level this means recognizing you are not a victim of anything. This entails eliminating complaining, blaming, and judging even when things aren’t as you would like them to be, and even when you are experiencing difficulties. In all situations, our power lies in our innate sovereignty and in our ability to make choices that serve our highest good.

In the February 2022 “Raising Your Vibration Deep Dive,” we covered the individual aspect in detail and touched on the collective. Please see Appendix 2.

Here, we take a deeper look at the collective aspects.

Because we are all connected, any given situation may contain collective aspects, such as collective karma, ancestral/collective clearing, etc. Dr. Hew Len, a master teacher and practitioner of the Self I-Dentity form of Ho’oponopono that we introduced in the “Judgment and Forgiveness” topic, offers a good example of taking responsibility beyond his individual experience.

By using Ho’oponopono and working on himself, Dr. Len impacted others. He worked as a therapist at the psychiatric ward in the Hawaii State Hospital. The environment was dismal; the hardened criminal patients were regularly shackled and subdued and there was significant absenteeism and turnover in the staff. Dr. Len agreed to review the patient’s files, but he never met with a single patient. As he looked at their files, he practiced Ho’oponopono, cleaning whatever emotions, feelings and memories that arose within himself. As Dr. Len worked on himself, patients began to be unshackled, healed and released. A few years later, there were only a couple of patients left and the ward closed.

Sue Cimino, intuitive, author, and originator of the Wholeness Alignment process and CC’s US co-Coordinator for Maryland, Delaware and DC, had a different experience, but in a way, it was similar. Sue was living near a prison and picked up on the emotions, thought forms and energy of the prisoners, past and present. She asked for divine assistance to clear the energy where she lived. Then it occurred to her that the prisoners would be experiencing the same negative energy and astral debris which had accumulated there. Given this, she asked the prisoners if they wanted to be included. Sue could immediately feel the difference in her space, and a month later received guidance to offer this invitation to the prisoners again as more were ready.

Recognizing yourself as a sovereign being means you have the right and the power to change your experiences. You also have the right and the power to break any and all agreements that are not for your highest good, whether you are aware of them or not. These can be individual, karmic, ancestral, collective, galactic or other agreements.

Agreements bind us… sometimes we make these as individual souls prior to coming to earth. We also take on ancestral, human collective, and star family agreements when we elect to be born on Earth.

Lifetime after lifetime, we keep these agreements to honor our commitments. Agreements can be intentionally deceptive; thus, we make agreements because we have been deceived into believing something that isn’t true. Some examples include: There is value in being a martyr and suffering; You are selfish if you take care of yourself; If it was bad for me the government would not allow it; etc.

As a soul, we make agreements prior to incarnation, and then having incarnated we are usually offered the opportunity to either reconfirm this or break the agreement. We are often unaware of the full impact these agreements will have on our lives while on the Earth plane, and the resulting drama and karma it creates.

Sue Cimino addresses this concept in her book, Ancient Ones are Calling Us: “I understand that we have made agreements to have these experiences prior to our incarnations, when we have no understanding of the horror or brutality to which we are agreeing. And even though the effects of these experiences leave us when we return to Spirit, whenever we return to a new body and life, they come with us like a curse on our soul. And try as we might to heal or release this in our lifetime, the depth of this wounding makes it almost impossible to do so: It’s become embedded in our subconscious mind and cellular memory.” Sue goes on to explain that one can consciously break soul agreements that no longer serve us or humanity, thus freeing both.

How does one go about breaking these agreements? There are many processes:

The first step is recognizing that you have the right and power to break all agreements that do not serve you—past, present and future. An easy method to do this is to set the intention that you want to be in full alignment with your Divine Self, and then the intention to break any/all agreements that do not serve your highest good.

Everyone has the ability to create their own way of doing this. Dr. Len used Ho’oponopono. Laura Eisenhower uses a sovereignty prayer; please see Sovereignty Worksheet. Sue Cimino breaks agreements using her Wholeness Alignment process.

“We’re in an unprecedented time of grace when much of that karma and even emotional baggage can be released easily. The problem is making humans aware of this.”–Sue Cimino, Ancient Ones are Calling Us


Discussion Questions

  • Can you recollect any significant past life agreements that you feel have consciously played out in this lifetime or is there something left unresolved? What have you learned?

  • During your life have you ever felt like what you choose to do is impacting others (not just your immediate family and friends) and having a greater spiritual influence? Why or why not?

  • Can you think of an example where you embraced your personal sovereignty and in doing so you noticed others follow suit?  If you become responsible for everything in your life, does this impact others and how?


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Unknown member
Aug 05, 2022

Until we bring back common law, we are not truly free.

To bring back common law, we need to exterminate the truly corrupt BAR ASSOCIATION and it’s members which 95% of politicians are BAR ASSOCIATION MEMBERS.

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