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This Is Another Beginning

Chakra Oracle Card: Renewal

The Legend: Geranium's leaves shrivel and are stolen by the wind. She is pried from her pot and deeply saddened when she is thrown away. But when she awakens, she is blooming once again! Now she lives in a large park (a former landfill site), surrounded by lush greenery, and her roots reach deeper than ever before, opening her to the possibilities of her new life.

Inspiration: What appears to be an end may not be one after all. This may turn into a remarkable opportunity. Trust that whatever is coming is better than what you have known to this point.

Personal Inquiry: Am I positive in the face of change? Or defeated? Am I ready to step into a new me?

Key Ideas: Sourcing from a more beneficial place; feeling "in the dark"; change in circumstances; unexpected blessings

Keywords: Regeneration, Awakening, Fortune


You are being offered a chance to awaken to a new life. You may need to deepen your roots and anchor yourself by taking stock of what you would like to create. This is a time to start again and grow a strong foundation.


Imagine being discarded, like Geranium. Feel her fear and sadness as she surrenders to the inevitable. Now wake up in a new place. Notice how you feel. Let your feeling take you on a journey. Allow yourself to see and hear whatever experience is meant for you. Observe how you handle change.

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