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Welcome NEW Coordinators Across Canada!

We are excited to welcome new members to the coordinator team! As we continue to grow and expand, ever so important that we increase support and service. These members have stepped forward and will be adding much needed support in growing areas of the country.

Join me in welcoming these beautiful spirits to the team!

Gerry (Prairies Admin Coordinator) -

Lisa (Saskatchewan Coordinator) -

Christine (New Brunswick Coordinator) -

Jaqueline (Northern Ontario Coordinator) -

Duncan & Elizabeth (Niagara Regional Coordinators) -

Tom (IT Support) -

Get To Know The Team


Tom has a mixed background, having studied physics, public administration, and web development. As someone who has focused a lot of his life on math, physics, and computers, he has held jobs writing computer programs to analyze the gap between tubes in a nuclear reactor, the absorption of sound waves by the ground in a borehole, and the electromagnetic properties of small pieces of aluminum foil ejected by airplanes as electronic countermeasures. This is balanced by a Master's of Arts in Public Administration, and three years as a policy analyst in the federal government. Most recently he worked as a business analyst in the federal government which involved liaising between an HR division and the IT branch to fix computer glitches, setting up a SharePoint site to track HR cases, extensive data analysis in Excel, writing computer scripts to analyze data, and documenting the business requirements for a future HR case management system.

His current passion is creating healthier social networking sites. There have been many discussions in recent years about social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, as well as instant messaging and smart phones, can have negative impacts on our society, such as increasing polarization, reducing civic engagement, and replacing face-to-face relationships with online relationships which can be more superficial. Social networks have also been shown to sometimes increase loneliness, anxiety, and depression, and reduce ones ability to focus and concentrate. Tom believes one reason these problems exist is that social networking site are a relatively young technology, and while we have greatly improved the software and hardware that these sites run on, we are only just beginning to look at how to optimize their social impact. He currently spends his days building prototypes for healthier networking sites, and one day wants to run a company managing social network sites that improve societal well-being.

As the new IT coordinator for Connecting Consciousness Canada, Tom will be looking at the IT solutions currently used by CC Canada, what is working well with them, and what people would like to see improved. Connecting Consciousness in general is a rapidly growing organization, and, as such is experiencing some growing pains - including in IT. Some technologies that were used in the past are not sufficient given the current size of the organization, and some which are used today, may not be sufficient as the organization continues to grow. Tom will be researching technology solution options to meet CC Canada's needs today and into the future, and then helping to implement them.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys jogging, reading, meditating, and playing with his two Siamese cats.


Elizabeth & Duncan

We both like watching and helping people, learning about the human condition. In our travels we enjoyed learning about differing cultures and history. Preferring to integrate with locals rather than staying at hotels. We have been in search of a place where we will be part of a community with a common goal, to be self sustained, where there are no ranks, no titles, and we are all working together for the betterment of the community.

Through our years, we have explored different types of communities. We looked into the Venus project, Jacques Fresco, who has a very futuristic perspective. Offering a new socioeconomic model to achieve sustainable civilization of abundance for all.

Next, life took us to Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu Contributionism, where the goal is for the betterment of society and abundance for all. Our search continued, taking us to Damanhur, Italy, an eco village, self sustained, offering all the services that a community needs, including having their own constitution.

We hope to eventually connect with local members of CC Canada in Niagara to act as catalysts for the co-creation of a self-sustaining, inclusive community. Many hands make lighter work.



I consider myself to have been born awake, recognizing at an early age, the unfair treatment of men, women and children, by the many systems set up in society. Psychology and spirituality were my first two loves and I have an educational background in both of them. It was the sky/stars/universal force of good that pulled within me through each life journey lesson, directing me, as I have always felt different from others. I trusted that the future world give me an explanation for my feelings as I kept moving forward.

Now having worked a full and part-time career my whole life, I am led to retirement, where my skills and abilities are to be put to the test. My faith and visions led me to Connecting Consciousness on YouTube and Simon Parkes. Having recently relocated to Northern Ontario from Southern Ontario, I am ready to begin my vision quest.

As with all visions I have received, it starts with an understanding what northern Ontarians need in order to feel supported with their spiritual growth and awakening. As your coordinator I plan on speaking with each Northern member to discuss their needs so we can co-create a fair solution that will unite all people, cultures, and beliefs systems. Uniting humanity is my goal, moving forward with a positive future for all, is the path I choose to lead.

As a writer, poet and blogger, I will do my best to inform, encourage, support and uplift all people towards this great vision. I would also like to co-create a Northern newsletter that addresses areas where my members live.

I am just one person working within myself, my beliefs, My goals, hoping to connect my consciousness to others with similar visions for humanity!

In Wholeness, Jacqueline Denis



Passionate about holistic alternative therapies, social connection and exploring the world. My mission in life is to help people as best i can. My vision for connecting consciousness in New Brunswick is to create new connections, build a strong foundation and help heal each other and the world, one step at a time, together. United we are stronger and capable of accomplishing anything we put our heart and mind to. Looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you all.

Sending love, protection and strength your way. Shine bright beautiful souls,



Hello beautiful souls!

I'm Lisa, I was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK and I've lived all over Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. I had a massive awakening in 2020 with many interactions with interdimensional beings. I found Connecting Consciousness last year which really helped me cope with the ongoing global turmoil. I also started the CE5 Saskatoon group in 2020. I'm looking to further advance my consciousness while helping to activate and support lightworkers in the Prairies and beyond!



I’m Gerry, Admin Coordinator for The Prairies (AB, SK, MN) since July 13 2021. I currently reside in Medicine Hat, AB, the result of a work transfer in 2002 after having lived many years in southern Saskatchewan.

My background encompasses a BAdmn and an extensive range of Administrative Support in the Human Resources, IT, Military and Health Care environments with an emphasis on Records Management, problem solving and one-on-one training/coaching. Since retirement in 2008, I learned about quilting and have walked the entire trail system in our lovely City.

I thoroughly enjoy being in nature, learning about natural health, gardening on a small scale, and playing a good game of canasta! I am honoured to serve the Connecting Consciousness family and our community in the months ahead!


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Billie Jean
Billie Jean
01 jul 2022

awesome& beautiful souls

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
24 ago 2021


Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
02 ago 2021

Very beautiful to see and be part of the group.... One can feel the collective energy of consciousness growing as we are all experiencing now 🙏

exciting moments

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
31 jul 2021

Welcome everyone!! I was un-plugged in northern Ontario for a week so I'm now just catching up!!

I'm especially excited for our new Niagara coordinators as I live in St Davids. Many of the prior in-person meet ups were in destinations requiring commuting during rush hour traffic times. I spent 40 years sitting in that traffic and really wasn't anxious to get back in to it again for an hour or two. Sorry!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!! 😊💖🌟

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
29 jul 2021

Welcome everyone! Tom, as a fellow IT person, how do I get in touch with you?

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
29 jul 2021
Contestando a

I look forward to hearing from you Sandy. As Philip mentioned, the email contacts are listed here. It is

Me gusta
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