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About Connecting Consciousness

Connecting Consciousness (CC) is a grass roots organization founded by Simon and Becky Parkes out of the UK. It began back in 2015 and now has grown to over 100,000 members all over the world.  

At CC we share spiritual values and have the group intention to raise awakening and awareness for a positive future.


We desire to see this planet with all its beings and beyond live in freedom, peace and health. By taking an active role, connected by a unifying consciousness, we can ensure as much light and high frequency energy as possible enters our world.

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is the initiator and founder of Connecting Consciousness. He is a British former elected politician and has served a full term in office. He possesses great spiritual awareness, and he has access to his own helpful sources of information, in addition to his family background.


His mother worked for the British security service MI5 and, as part of her work, wrote documents about UFOs that crashed on earth and were recovered by American special forces.


His grandfather worked for the British secret service MI6 and was very closely associated with the American CIA. Later he was a British diplomat at the United Nations.


Simon Parkes has a lifetime of experience with extra-planetary lifeforms and went public with this in 2010. In 2013 he was invited by the British Ministry of Defense to a secret British space radar station as a quasi confirmation of his background. Since then he is respected by the media as a connoisseur of various extraterrestrial races and beings. Learn more about Simon Parkes and his services on his website.

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