Code of Conduct for Connecting Consciousness members

Dear All, Welcome to CC Canada community platform! This is a moderated/supervised platform for the safety of all participants. It is a priority that members feel safe and protected.  To ensure that this happens, all offending posts and users will be removed if they do not follow the below listed guidelines.


Listen from the heart - Respect one another - Speak your Truth ❤

1. It is your accountability, as a user to read, understand and agree with this Code of Conduct. Updates may be added without notification. In the event that you no longer agree with this Code of Conduct, it is your responsibility to leave the group.


2. Comments, opinions, and videos posted on this platform do not necessarily represent the views of Connecting Consciousness, nor that of the organizers of this group. As all videos come from other social media, it is those organizations that have the power to take them down. Written comments and indeed videos posted are still subject to CC's rules.


3. The coordinator, as facilitator, and representative of the concept of CC has the right to terminate any meeting, chat, thread, channel, or group, if he/she sees such as no longer beneficial.


4. Polite debate can be resourceful. If said debate should devolve into argument and/or disruptive behavior, this may result in a person or persons being removed from the group and potentially from CC as a whole. The coordinator’s decision will be final in this regard.


5. No member should be made to feel intimidated, or threatened by any other member; such behavior will be considered disruptive and may be cause for immediate termination of your CC membership. If a member does feel threatened, he/she must immediately report this matter to their regional/local Coordinator.


6. No offensive sexist, racist or gender comments are permitted. The moderator or CC coordinator is the person who will render the decision on whether a statement is offensive.


7. No images of abuse, etc. will be tolerated.


8. Beware of giving unsolicited advice to other members via this platform. It is seldom appreciated.


9. There must be no comments posted that are third hand or otherwise are tantamount to attacks on others. Simply put: NO GOSSIP.


10. No person shall use the CC membership contact information to create, or otherwise co-opt the CC group for a different purpose.


11. All CC members are equal irrespective of how long they have been CC members. Be considerate of the comments and/or inquiries of new members.


12. No member of CC should seek to impress others that he/she is somehow more spiritually advanced than others.


13. No individual or group of individuals should attempt to practice magic of any sort without express advance permission. For example, while we may start a meeting with a spiritual protection, invoking of spirits is prohibited.


14. Under no circumstances, may any material be introduced, or shared, that carries a negative energy connection.


15. CC reserves the right to ban anyone who is satanic or who willfully wishes to harm others or seeks to be a disruptive influence.


16. At no time may any member advertise for financial remuneration on this platform. However, members may draw others’ attention to their personal websites.


17. Exchange of personal information is not recommended. Anyone who engages in such a disclosure does so at his/her own risk.


18. If any member feels that these rules have been broken, he/she must contact their regional/local Coordinator immediately


19. Any members who are insinuating or suggesting Suicide, we lovingly ask that you contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-833-456-4566 

Thank you for carefully reviewing this Code of Conduct. If you opt to join our Community platform, that action will indicate your commitment to abide by the rules as stated herein

CC Canada In Person/Online Gathering Rules


Here at Connecting Consciousness Canada (CC Canada), we strive to connect, empower and support members from coast to coast.  We provide many opportunities to gather together under the banner of Connecting Consciousness (CC) in a variety of different ways including but not exclusive to online and in person small groups.  As CC Canada continues to grow and evolve, we must continue to provide organization, direction and guidance in alignment with the values and philosophy of CC.  The following are guidelines when gathering together in any circumstance.


  • Connecting Consciousness (CC) is a non-politically affiliated organization therefore if CC members wish to participate in a political event(s) within or outside of their respective country they may do so as an individual, at their own expense and risk, and not as a representative of CC unless there is express written consent from Simon Parkes.

  • If a CC member(s) decides to schedule and gather together without a recognized CC coordinator or vetted small group facilitator present, CC Canada and/or CC International will not be held responsible or liable for what occurs at that gathering or as consequence after. The opinions, feelings and actions expressed by those in attendance might not necessarily reflect the vision and values of CC.  These gatherings will not be promoted, shared or endorsed  as official CC Canada Small Group Gatherings.  


  • Should a CC member(s) express an intention to attend an unaffiliated or unsupported CC event, meet up and/or mass meditation or extend invitations to other CC members using CC social media groups (Zoom, MeWePRO CC, website group/forums) and/or chats, members are responsible for their personal conduct, expenses and safety (both physical and spiritual) during and after such events.


  • For any in-person meet ups, NO PHOTOGRAPHY and NO RECORDING should be taken unless expressed permission is given by all the individuals present and no recordings or videos shared unless permission is granted by those in attendance.


  • For all in-person meet ups, children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The child must remain in the presence of the parent/guardian during the entire meeting and must not be left alone with CC members for any reason e.g. if the parent/guardian or child must leave the room, the parent/guardian must leave the room with the child.


  • Photographing or videotaping any children attending in-person meetings is strictly prohibited.



If you have any questions or would like to know more about online/in person small groups in your local area, please contact your regional/provincial coordinator to find out how to become involved in an existing official CC Canada Small Group or how to develop your own!