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CC Canada "Inspiration" Journal - June 2024

It’s June already!

The days are so slow during the cold, and they move so fast during the warmer weather.

We are honored to bring you the June Inspiration Journal. We are delving into all things about dragons, over the summer.

You can also download it by clicking below.

Download PDF • 12.70MB

This Sunday, June 2 is the National Unity meeting, 12 pm PT and 3pm ET. The monthly spiritual topic is Dragons, and I will give some brief updates from Simon. I hope you will join us.

June 6 at 4 pm PT or 7 pm ET, we are hosting an Information Session on the Humanitarian Projects. Ramon, our Continental Coordinator will be present, if you would like to meet him and ask questions. Click here to register

Our next Humanitarian Project Showcase is June 12th at 4 pm PT or 7 Pm ET.  Click here to register.

On June 15 we are gathering to explore Mighty Networks. We will show you how to navigate and use the features.  Click here to register

Please check our website for all of our Zoom and In Person events. Click here to jump to our website

Enjoy every moment of the sunshine!



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