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March 2021 Newsletter

We are seeing incredible growth in Canada. We received over 1,200 new members putting our totals over 2,700 members coast to coast and more are on the horizon. To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement as this new group has seemed very excited and passionate to “get the show on the road.” Everyone on the coordinator team is really excited about the enthusiasm of our new members and hopefully we can support all of you as we co-create together.

People seem to be craving sovereignty and want clarity on New Earth concepts like healing and finance. We are certainly doing our best to support and inform the group on what the “CC Plan” is. In addition to our daily scheduled zoom gatherings, we have workshops like “Being a CC Coordinator: An Introduction”, “Healers & Helpers Meet n Greet” and “New Members Only.” All three give a wonderful insight into the vision, mission and approach of Connecting Consciousness and CC Canada. If you didn’t get a chance to attend these workshops, do not worry as there will be more to come!

The emotional and spiritual climate here in Canada might match the weather. We are looking forward to warming things up with the return of In Person Small Groups. The Hamilton/Burlington area has a couple groups now flourishing and plans and voices are emerging from the east to the west of those ready to get together. Our support and care is more important now than ever before. The recruitment and training for new regional coordinators and small group leaders is imperative and regions grow larger and become more active. People are looking to connect. People are looking for their clan. Providing the nourishment and love is ever present in our daily interactions with those that join region zoom gatherings, 1:1 support and cultivation of partnerships. Below you will find out how you can connect with your clan.

Into the Blu in Burlington, Ontario and the developing Brooke Haven Retreat and Healing Centre in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia are the first two wonderful opportunities that CC Canada is partnering with to offer small groups, workshops, retreats, and community outreach. Others are stepping forward with land and resources to build healing centres or to offer space for retreats and support. The show is definitely on the road now and we are looking forward to a Spring that will sprout beautiful flowers and possibilities across the country!

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