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Simon's RBC Post

Many of you have read Simon's post about the RBC and have had questions regarding it's legitimacy and even if his account has been hacked. The CC Canada Coordinator Team has received conflicting reports about this event and additional research is also conflicting. While RBC is presenting to the public a “business as usual” front, we are also aware of other factors that happen behind the scenes that the majority of the population will never know about.

We have asked Simon Parkes for further clarification on the RBC post. We hesitate to label anything that Simon posts as fake news until we have received more information. We have also been made aware of the process that Simon uses before posting any articles to his website.

Simon has replied with a reminder to trust our hearts and listen to our intuition.

This might not offer much clarification or hope to those seeking more definitive intel. As scary as transition and change can be, we are no longer bound by this monetary spell and abundance will flourish. No matter how dark the storm may be, it can not quench our Light.

Let us focus on things that raise our vibration and fill our hearts and souls with joy and bliss. Be creative. Be authentic. Be yourself and Love others.

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